Where Does Your Favorite Sofa Style Rank?

A gray-blue Chesterfield sofa in a sunny room.
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In the market for a new sofa? Curious about what other people are opting for? Recent survey results reveal which sofa styles people hate (and which ones they can’t get enough of).

Retailer Living Spaces conducted a survey of 400 people to get their opinion on various living room trends. Among the questions asked was the type of sofa most people opt for in their homes.

Unfortunately for the Chesterfield sofa, it placed last—by a lot. The traditional couch—easily identifiable thanks to its tufted upholstery, rounded arms, and high-end fabrics or leather that define the style—received just 9% of the overall vote for favorite sofa style.

Good news if you like the sofa, though: While it might be tougher to find a brand new Chesterfield sofa as popularity for the style is waning, you’ll likely be able to find a deal on a well-constructed second hand one.

As for the favorite, the modular sofa won out. These movable customizable sofas that often feature sectional designs and ottoman accessories scored a whopping 46% of the vote.

But sofa favorites weren’t the only discoveries. Living Spaces also found out what decor style people love most, the palettes they choose for their living rooms, and more details on what they look for in both sofas and coffee tables. If you’re curious about what other people are opting for in their homes, you can check out the full results on Living Spaces.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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