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10 Pricey Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth the Splurge

A KitchenAid stand mixer, Instant Pot, and Vitamix blender.
KitchenAid/Instant Pot/Vitamix

If you love nothing more than creating recipes in the heart of your home, adding to your tool and appliance collection is likely a necessity. Sure, it’s tempting to buy them all, but these are our favorite premium gadgets because they’ll yield the highest return over the long term.

Before browsing our list, consider what type of cooking you enjoy and do most. If you make a lot of extravagant meals, you’d probably get the most use out of a French-style Dutch oven. All about quick and easy? Then an Instant Pot would probably be a wise investment.

No matter how much or little you cook, all the gadgets on our list are sure to deliver consistent (and delicious) results. They’ll also last for years. While some are for unique cooking needs, most will benefit just about any type of home chef. So, let’s get cooking!

A Quality Chef’s Knife: Wüsthof Classic Eight-Inch

A Wüsthof chef's knife with sliced avocado and a glass of wine on the side, displayed on a cutting board.

The most versatile kitchen tool is a quality chef’s knife, and while you might already own an oldie-but-goodie, a cheaply made blade isn’t worth your time. Cheaper knives are less comfortable in your hand and require sharpening more frequently.

Also, keep in mind that all knives need occasional sharpening, but a cheaper one won’t hold its edge as well. Although we always recommend actually holding a knife to find one that best fits your hand, the Wüsthof classic eight-inch is one of our favorites.

A Quality Chef's KNife

A Stand Mixer: KitchenAid Artisan Series

A merlot colored KitchenAid mixer with poached pairs, red wine and cheese nearby.

Many view the stand mixer as a bulky gadget made for mixing batters and whipping cream, but they do so much more. These powerful beasts offer assistance to an avid baker or bread maker but function as other appliances with the right attachment.

The mixers feature a power hub, so you can attach any of the twelve available accessories to create anything your heart desires. The KitchenAid stand mixer’s possibilities are endless, from slicing and shredding, to pasta-making and sausage stuffing.

A Slow Cooker: Crock-Pot

A Crock-Pot filled with Italian meatballs, and a bowl of spaghetti on the side.

Slow cookers are another fantastic (yet small) investment totally worthwhile if you don’t already own one. There’s no better way to spend a cold winter’s day than by preparing ingredients and letting your home fill with the aroma of a soul-satisfying meal.

Not to mention these come in handy when you don’t have time to cook but still want to enjoy a lovely homecooked dinner. These also function well as food warmers if you need hot food held for parties. Soups, stews, dips, and casseroles all love keeping warm in this nonstick, easy-to-clean slow cooker, so be sure to pick one up as soon as you can.

A Sous Vide Cooker: Anova Culinary Precision Cooker

Anova sous vide precision cooker working it's magic with a piece of steak sealed with fresh thyme.

You’ve probably heard that sous vide is all the rage. Both beginning chefs and home cooks love the perfect results they get every time they use their sous vide precision cookers.

The Anova Sous Vide Cooker works for cooking your food to the perfect degree of doneness while also locking in moisture and flavor for an unbeatable meal. They are easy to use, attach to any large container, and the detachable clamp and metal skirt are dishwashers safe.

This built-to-last machine is water-resistant and easily controlled with the ANOVA app or manually with the built-in controls. Get your hands on one of these gadgets—you’ll be hooked forever.

A Pressure Cooker: Instant Pot

An Instant Pot on a kitchen counter with freshly cooked foods including a pot roast and mushrooms with broccoli.
Instant Pot

A multi-cooker is another fun and valuable appliance you’ll love adding to your countertop. By now, you’ve heard of the famous Instant Pot, which cooks food fast and saves you time.

Cook rice, steam, saute, warm or slow cook just about anything you can think of but at a much quicker rate. The touch panel is programmed for multiple different foods, giving you the freedom to press a button and walk away.

While these easy-to-use appliances take a lot of the fun out of actual cooking, we all have days where we just don’t have the time or energy. It’s on those days that a pressure cooker can be a real godsend.

A Food Processor: Cuisinart Elemental

A Cuisinart food processor filled with fresh fruit with fresh kiwi on the side.

Food processors are another one of those kitchen appliances that often go underutilized. These powerful machines replace several other cooking tools and offer convenient assistance with everyday prep.

Chop veggies, grind meat, or make creamy nut butter with the press of a button. Take it up a notch and design a tangy salad dressing or blend homemade pesto for that lovely pasta meal you’ve been dying to try. The sharp blade and powerful motor work flawlessly together to create some of the loveliest scratch meals around.

An Air Fryer: Instant Vortex

An Instant Vortex, placed on a kitchen counter with recently air-fried foods like fried shrimp, roast chicken and sweet potato wedges.
Instant Pot

There’s no better kitchen appliance for the consistency of deliciously crisp fried foods, with a major slash in calories than an air fryer. These contraptions are super popular, especially for anyone looking for a healthier way to eat fried foods.

With thousands of air fryer recipes to choose from on the internet, you’ll love preparing the perfect golden crisp meals with 95% less fat or oil than normal deep frying. The Instant Vortex offers fantastic bang for your buck. You’ll get nourishing meals that won’t clog your arteries.

A High-Quality Blender: The Vitamix E310 Explorian

A Vitamix Explorian filled with cherry sorbet, placed on a counter top, with a bowl of cold sorbet and a bowl of cherries next to it.

Blend a frosty shake or smoothie, puree a hearty soup, or create a frozen treat with the premium blender of your dreams. You’ll surprise yourself with the dozens of treats you can make with the Vitamix Explorian.

The large container size and variable blade speeds help pulse and blend through some of the toughest ingredients. The high-performance motor is built to last, and the machine literally cleans itself with a little soap, water, and the press of a button.

If you’re looking for a blender that will last a lifetime, this is it, but feel free to check out some of our other favorites.

A High-Quality Blender

A Dutch Oven: Le Creuset

Two orange Le Creuset Dutch ovens, placed on a table with gourds and fall flowers and decorations around.
Le Creuset

Another fantastic splurge that’s worth your hard-earned cash is a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. This indispensable piece of cookware works wonders on a stovetop or in the oven and looks fantastic on a dining room table.

The cast-iron design’s heat distribution is superior to other cookware, and the interior and exterior enamel provide resistance to wear and tear. These made-to-last Dutch ovens are fit for bread baking, braising, and slow cooking memorable meals that will make your heart sing.

If the price tag on the Le Creuset is a bit out of reach, take a look at our full list of Dutch ovens for any budget.

A Vacuum Sealer: FoodSaver

A women placing multiple cuts of beef in a food saver bag before sealing and storing them in the freezer.

Like most other products on this list, the FoodSaver is a one-time, big purchase that will save you loads of money in the long run. This automatic vacuum sealing system keeps food fresh longer, as it removes air before the plastic bag is sealed.

Be sure to take advantage of expensive meats like USDA prime grade beef when it goes on sale by buying in bulk to seal and freeze for later use. Keep in mind this contraption paired with the sous vide precision cooker makes a duo you’ll love to use.

Whether you love experimenting with new recipes or want to cut down the time you spend cooking, you’re sure to find something on this list you need in your kitchen. These 10 gadgets are all wise investments!

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