You Can Build LEGO Plants Now

LEGO's Botanical Collection features a buildable bouquet.

There’s not exactly a shortage of LEGO sets you can build, but the toy brand’s latest launch is the perfect display piece for your home. Fans can now build LEGO plants, and if you don’t have a green thumb, they definitely deserve a spot on your shelf.

While it is totally acceptable to steal your kids’ LEGOs (but you know, give them back eventually), these new sets are part of the brand’s LEGO Botanical Collection for adults. The first is a flower bouquet that features 756 pieces and can actually be built and put into a vase for display. It features florals inspired by snapdragons, roses, and poppies, and is customizable thanks to positionable petals on most of the flowers that allow users to create unique shapes. It retails for $49.99 on the LEGO website.

LEGO's Botanical Collection features a Bonsai Tree design.

The second set is a Bonsai Tree that has 878 pieces and comes with a faux slated wood stand and pot to hold the tree. Like the bouquet, the tree is also fairly customizable. You can opt for a cherry blossom (made from adorable pink frogs) top or go for a classic green leaf look. They can be switched any time you like. Unfortunately, the tree is currently sold out on the LEGO website, but you can head over and sign up for a notification when the kit—which also costs $49.99—restocks.

If you’ve been looking for a soothing new hobby or already love LEGO, the new botanical launches are colorful fun launches.

[Via My Modern Met]

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