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12 Months of Easy Home Décor Upgrades

A woman hanging a painting on a wall.
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Does the new year have you ready to redecorate? If so, be sure to check out our month-by-month plan for easy, affordable ways you can beautify your home all year.

Redecorating the whole house at once can be exhausting and expensive. If you make just one impactful change each month, though, it’s all much more manageable—and you still get a fresh-looking space in the end.

Try these simple décor upgrades each month, and by the end of the year, you’ll have a beautiful home!

January: “Enlarge” Your Space with a Mirror

A mirror in a wooden frame hanging above a fireplace.
Barnyard Designs

In the Northern Hemisphere, January is close to the darkest time of year. A mirror reflects any existing light, making it a great way to brighten up a dark room. As a bonus, mirrors also make spaces look bigger, so this upgrade is perfect for any room that feels too small.

The living room is an ideal place for a large mirror, but really, you can hang one anywhere to brighten things up. And if you love the effect of one mirror, you can always add more.

February: Get Cozy with Textured Blankets and Pillows

A woman sits on an outdoor bench wrapped in a faux fur throw blanket.

Chilly February is the month for cozy nights on the couch. Make them even cozier with a soft, textured throw blanket or pillows—or both!

If you choose couch accessories in neutral colors, it’ll be easy to match any décor you already have. The material is up to you, of course, but faux fur is a great choice that always feels luxe and comfortable.

March: Add a Touch of Spring Color

A seafoam end table.
Décor Therapy

March might not feel like it, but technically, spring begins toward the end of it. Even if it’s still frigid outside, you can celebrate the coming season by adding a little color to your home. Soon, nature will follow, with blue skies and blooming flowers!

A piece of accent furniture is a great way to add some color in a way that’s noticeable but not overwhelming. We love end tables because they’re small, affordable, and practical. However, you can also go with a colorful accent chair, coffee table, or any other item that will dress up your space.

April: Go Green with Leaf Motifs

A green floral duvet cover on a full-size bed.

Look outside in April and you’ll likely see new leaves and plants that are just starting to grow. This is the month to bring that green energy home with nature-inspired accents.

A leafy-green print will easily match lots of other décor, while serving as a cheerful reminder of the new growth outside. Try a leaf-printed duvet cover, rug, shower curtain, or anything else you like.

If you love growing things yourself, bring that motif indoors with some new houseplants!

May: Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Three vases in a wood and metal stand on a table.

You know what April showers bring, so when May arrives, it’s time to bring home some bouquets. Fresh flowers are a timeless decorating choice, and, of course, they come in a stunning array of colors.

Pick up some vases so you can display your floral arrangements all over the house. You can get them in any color you want, but clear glass goes with everything.

June: New Window Treatments

A window with sheer gray ombré curtains.

June brings the summer solstice and the longest days of the year. Make sure your windows are ready to let in all that light with some pretty new window treatments.

The best will be unique to your home, but long curtains almost always work well. Consider sheers if you want more light during the day, and pair them with blackout curtains if you want complete darkness while sleeping.

July: Get Beachy in Beige

A living room with a beige rug and chair, and a gray sofa.
Well Woven

As summer is now fully underway, bring home the beach with some sand-colored accent pieces. They’ll give your space a summery vibe without a full-on beach theme.

Area rugs, throw blankets, or anything else in a sandy beige will work. You can make this a temporary décor change for the summer or leave these pieces out year-round.

August: Celebrate the Summer Harvest with New Serving Dishes

A matched set of earth-tone serving dishes on a wooden table.
Gibson Elite

By August, gardens are producing lots of fresh food, perfect for laid-back dinners on warm nights. Liven up your kitchen and enjoy the summer harvest with some festive serving dishes.

Dishes with earthy, natural colors make a lovely complement to the season of productive gardens and golden sunlight. Whether you’re making easy Instant Pot recipes or going all-out with elaborate kitchen experiments, new serving dishes will make summer meals more fun.

September: Go Back to School with a Coffee Table Book

The cover of "America the Beautiful."
National Geographic

Whether anyone in your household is actually going back to school or not, it’s hard to enter September without feeling that back-to-school vibe. A coffee table book is an aesthetic way to incorporate education in your home décor.

There are tons of coffee table books out there, so you can choose one that interests you. If you’re unsure what to get, a book with beautiful travel photography is always a good choice.

October: Grab Some Autumn-Themed Candles

An Autumn Wreath scented, burgundy jar candle.
Yankee Candle

When the dark season starts to return, add some light and warmth with pretty candles. Delicious-smelling seasonal scents, like cinnamon apple or salted caramel, will get you in the autumnal spirit.

Not a fan of scented candles? Just get some in fall colors that are unscented. If you want the scents but not the flames, try a decorative flameless fragrance option, like a diffuser.

November: A Beautiful Centerpiece for Upcoming Feasts

A black metal centerpiece with five lit candles.

As the holiday season arrives, it’s time for feasts and celebrations! Make your table inviting and more joyful with a new centerpiece.

There are countless centerpiece styles out there, but one with flickering candles always makes things feel warm and cozy. No matter how big or small your holiday plans are, decorating the table before you eat will make things feel even more festive.

December: New Accent Lighting for Dark Winter Nights

An antique-style bronze table lamp with a glass shade.
Kathy Ireland Amor

December brings the winter solstice, but you don’t have to let your home succumb to the darkness. Light things up with some string lights or a new accent lamp.

The wonderful thing about lighting is it’s affordable and doesn’t take up much space. However, it can make an immense difference in how a room looks. Adding just a bit of light can make your home much cozier and boost your mood during even the longest night.

When you add a new décor upgrade each month, you’ll always have something to look forward to at home! Try this year-long decorating plan and make your space feel new and exciting all year!

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