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Watch Coffees Being Made on This Soothing TikTok Account

A bag of coffee beans is spilled around a latte.
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When you think of coffee, it’s likely because you need a bit of a boost to get through your day. The drink is currently going viral for a totally different reason. There’s a coffee-making TikTok account that’s so soothing, it might just put you to sleep.

TikTok account, @caffeinication, is flipping the idea of a caffeine jolt on its head by crafting soothing videos showing coffee drinks being made. In the videos, they craft everything from crème brûlée lattes and regular iced coffee to alcoholic options, like a Dalgona White Russian (yum!).

The videos typically include soothing background music and the sound of pouring liquids, ice melting, and stirring. You’ll feel like you’re in a coffee shop, as you watch the cream and coffee melt together in soothing patterns.

@caffeinicationBetter than Starbucks! Irish Cream Cold Brew😮🤎 #homemade #easyrecipe #caffeinication #mystyle♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

Videos on the account have upward of 11 million views (millions is the norm on most of them). Even the less popular uploads have hundreds of thousands of views. If you’re curious why so many people are watching coffee videos, check out a few yourself over at the @caffeinication account.

[Via Delish]

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