Le Creuset’s New Color Is So Soothing

Le Creuset introduced a new shade in its famous dutch ovens.
Le Creuset/Instagram

There are some items and brands that are just considered kitchen staples, from more recent inventions like the Instant Pot to classic pieces like KitchenAid mixers. Another? Le Creuset cookware, and there’s a new color from the Dutch oven purveyor that has never been seen before.

The new shade has been dubbed Agave, and is a blend of a bold, cobalt blue and a deep, indigo shade that create somewhat of an ombre effect together. The brand describes the shade as one that is “inspired by the blues and greens of the plant agave azul, represents how expression can be at once multifaceted and harmonious, and demonstrates Le Creuset’s expertise in crafting a hue that captures the nuances of personal expression. The multi-layered beauty of Agave is that it complements other colors. Think of it as a chameleon of sorts, adapting and elevating the colors around it.”

Yes, the new shade is available for the brand’s classic Dutch oven, but it has also been expanded into nearly everything the brand offers. You can shop for the Agave shade in casserole dishes, skillets, and mugs. As for pricing, it’s equivalent to the brand’s typical price tags, with skillets starting at $120 and Dutch ovens at $155.

[Via Food + Wine]

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