These Are 2020’s Most Popular Cat Names

A cute British shorthair cat getting scratched under its chin.
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If you’re looking for the world’s most original name for your cat, maybe look away. But if you want a name that will ensure that your kitty has a hip name, these are the most popular names from 2020 courtesy of Rover, a service that hosts a database of animal boarding and pet care service providers.

There are two separate lists for male and female cat names. Topping the list of girl names is one that also hit the number one spot in 2019: Luna. Whether there are just a lot of Sailor Moon and Harry Potter fans out there, or the name just fits their cats, people love it. Following up were Bella and Lucy as well as the most obvious moniker: Kitty. As for boy names, Oliver topped the list, with Leo, Milo, and Charlie following closely behind.

But the service also looked at trends within naming. It found pop culture references to be one of the most popular places for inspiration, citing Disney’s Oliver & Company as the potential reason for the top male name, and pointing out that monikers like Simba and Nala made the top 50 lists.

If you want to check out Rover’s other cat name trends and see the full two lists of names, you can find them on the service’s website.

[Via Better Homes & Gardens]

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