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Unstuff That Closet with These Handy Organizing Solutions

Rubbermaid closet organizer. Hanging storage shelf. Boot Butler in a closet.
Rubbermaid/StorageWorks/Boot Butler

If you’ve been spring cleaning, you’ve also likely been getting rid of items you no longer need. Whether your closets are big or small, though, you probably still find the space gets tight sometimes. If your closet always seems cramped no matter how much clothing you donate, you can create more space with the right organization tools.

Expanding closet space is about more than finding the right organizing system. From extra shelving that hangs right in your closet to cascading hangers, you’ll be able to keep adding to your wardrobe and still have room for more!

Hanging Organizers Create More Drawer Space

The StorageWorks hanging closet organizer with a bag, blanket, and pair of shoes stored on its shelves.

If you have to fit a lot of stuff in your closet, either because you don’t have a dresser, or you’re sharing it with someone else, a hanging organizer will give you a place to put folded items.

These work great in a coat closet, as well, for storing gloves and hats. It an ideal way to add some shelving to your closet without taking over the entire space.

Utilize Vertical Space with a Cubed Organizer

The TomCare Cube organizer being used as a living room shelf.

You don’t have to settle for a single shelf at the top of your closet. Turn it into multiple cube spaces for storing everything from sweaters to the clothes you hope to fit back into next year.

While the image above shows the cubicle shelving unit being used as a bookshelf, you can tier them however you like, making them the perfect accessory for organizing your closet. If your closet has a shelf, it’ll work up there, or you can place it on the floor.

Use the Closet Door

Over-the-door organizer in a room.

There are all sorts of over-the-door organizers, from those made to hold shoes to those that create more space to hang clothing. This one by Aoibrisk puts all of those to shame.

It offers you secure places to store all sorts of clothing and accessory items. You can even put it facing inside the closet so it stays out of sight. It’s especially perfect for holding scarves, belts, and other small accessories.

Specialty Hangers

Tank tops hanging together on one multi-clothing hanger.
Dr. Organizer

There are specialty hangers for all types of clothing that allow you to store those pieces in a space-saving way. They make it possible to hang multiple garments that drop down from the top. This allows you to use the space between the clothing rod and the floor, and create more horizontal space.

These hangers from Dr. Organizer will hold tank tops, bras, belts, lingerie, and even purses and bags! They’re an extremely versatile space saver. Depending on what you use them for, you can actually fit anywhere from 4-16 items on one, and you get three in the pack.

No-slip pant hanger filled with pants.

Some nonslip slacks hangers keep your pants in place while saving space. This five-layer hanger will ensure you spend less time ironing!

Don’t wear dress slacks? No problem! These also work for jeans, shorts, and leggings. You can get a three-, four-, five-, six-, or 10-pack, based on how many pairs of pants and shorts you have.

Clothing on cascading hangers.

Cascading hangers are truly magic! Once you put up to 12 pants or shirts on the individual hangers, you lower the one end, and everything hangs in a cascade, hence the name.

While there’s still some bulk, the dozen pieces of clothing you can put on one of these will still take up far less space than they would hanging individually. This metal system is also much sturdier than the plastic counterparts you might find out there. They’re available in a 4-, 6-, or 12-pack.

Make More Room for Shoes and Boots

Shoe rack with shoes and other items on it.

Whether you keep your shoes in your clothes or coat closet, a shoe rack definitely helps keep them organized. They also create more space … so you can buy more shoes!

A rack with flat shelves, like this one by Whitmor, ensures that your shoes stay on the rack! They won’t slide off like they often do on those slanted racks. You don’t have to use it just for shoes, either—if you have hats, sweaters, T-shirts, or anything else that needs a home, it’ll work for that, too!

Boot Butler stocked with boots hanging in a closet.
Boot Butler

Most people own at least a few pairs of boots, but if you really love them, finding enough closet space to store them is a real struggle.

Because boots are often too tall for regular shoe racks, the Boot Butler is the perfect way to store them! You just slide each boot onto a handle and it’s cradled from the inside so it won’t slide off. It also protects them from damage.

You can get a three- or five-pair Boot Butler.

Get a Custom Organizer

Rubbermaid closet organizer filled with clothing and accessories.

If you want a more professional look, along with extra storage space, a complete organizer system will give you more room for hanging, folding, and stacking.

Your organized closet will create more room for shoes, coats, and even foldables that won’t fit in your dresser.

The Deluxe Kit includes all of the following:

  • Seven, 26-inch shelves
  • Two, 48-inch shelves
  • Two, 48-inch top rails
  • 19 brackets
  • Five, 47 1/2-inch uprights
  • Two, 25-inch upright extensions
  • Two hang rods

Organizing a closet is not what most folks would call “fun.” Still, after you’re done, it’ll be so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for! Plus, after you create all of that extra space, it’s time to go shopping for new clothes!

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