A Woman Painting Her Granite Countertops Is Going Viral on TikTok

Three photos showing a woman painting her countertops to look like marble.

Those looking to upgrade their kitchen might be considering marble countertops for a bit of added brightness. Let’s be honest, that swap can cost a pretty penny. But a woman painting her granite countertops to look like marble is going viral on TikTok, and it might be the best alternative!

TikTok content creator, Melissa Mondragon, uploaded a video of herself and her husband using paint and epoxy to transform her existing granite countertops to marble. While the result looks great, the idea of painting over perfectly good granite is likely to make some recoil in horror.

Others, however, might be thinking about how much cheaper this is than having their counters redone marble. In the video, the couple first paint the countertops white, then go in with gray paint to add some lines for a faux marble effect.

Once it’s dry, they seal everything with epoxy. While you might think painting granite is blasphemy, the end result still looks pretty great.

@no2pencilblogUpdated countertops for less than $200 🙌🏻♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Mondragon, however, isn’t the first person to fake marble in her kitchen. Back in August 2020, a full marble paint kit went viral after xN Studio owner, Nasozi Kakembo, used it to renovate her own space. The kit reduced the estimated cost of her marble countertops—originally a whopping $5,000—down to $200.

If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade, this might be the perfect solution—or you might be crying in a corner over that poor granite.

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