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This Is When to Expect the Polar Vortex

A thermometer in the snow.
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It’s January, so cold weather is expected. However, things are about to get a bit chillier than normal! The polar vortex is coming, and it’s packing a real punch.

The polar vortex might sound scary, but it’s really nothing major (unless you truly detest the cold). It’s the area of cold air that’s always circulating over the Arctic. When it cools down enough, it moves south and leaves its mark on the United States, and it’s about to return.

So, when should you be prepared for this shocking blast of cold? The first part of the polar vortex will reach the northern Rockies and Plains around Jan. 18-19. Next in line are the eastern and central-southern areas of the country on Jan. 20-21.

While temperatures might not get heinously low in certain locales, according to Dave Samuhel, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, the vortex will still have major effects due to the preceding temps.

“Even though temperatures may remain above average in the wake of the leading edge of the cold air,” Samuhel said, “it will bring a 10- to 20-degree Fahrenheit drop as the front passes through.”

Get ready to bundle up, folks. Winter is coming!

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