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ALDI Is Selling Valentine-Themed Cat Scratchers

Three ALDI's Valentine's Day cat scratchers.

Admit it! You buy your pets presents for every holiday. There’s no shame in it, and if you’ve got a feline friend at home, ALDI’s Valentine’s Day cat scratcher will make the perfect gift. (Yes, we resisted the urge to type “purrfect.”)

The affordable grocery chain is offering a cat scratching board disguised as a Valentine’s Day cabin for the love-filled holiday. Not only is it cute, but it’s also cheap! You can get one of three versions of the kitty cabin, or hey, get all three if you want to spoil your pet or have more than one cat.

For only $7.99 at your local store, this will look adorable in your home, while also keeping kitty from ripping up your sofa with her nails.

The scratchers feature a corrugated cardboard floor your cat can easily tear up, but the top of the house covers the mess. One option even looks like a classic, white vinyl-sided home with large shutters and floral ivy growing up the front.

Another is basically Hansel and Gretel’s cottage (without the witch), featuring candy hearts, a lollipop entrance, and a chocolate stained-glass window. The final scratcher looks like a quaint Parisian cafe, with little tables on the side, and cakes and cupcakes in window displays.

If you’re looking for the ideal present to say “I love you” to your feline friend, these scratchers are perfect!

(Via Real Homes)

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