That Canopy Bed You Wanted as a Kid Is Back

A large wooden canopy bed in a cream-colored bedroom.

It’s no secret the 1990s are back when it comes to fashion and beauty. As it turns out, though, the decade might be making a comeback in another area, as well. According to real estate agents, ’90s home design trends are also a draw for prospective buyers.

One of the ways the decade is distinguishing itself in this area is via that old canopy bed you always wanted as a kid. The four-poster beds with fabric toppers are part of the move back to the last decade of the previous century. This is in large part because the bed is the focal point of the room, but it’s also partly nostalgia.

Amy Wu, a Chicago-based real estate agent, told Apartment Therapy it’s one of her favorite things to spot when showing a home.

“As a child, I always wanted a canopy bed,” Wu said. “I guess I also wanted to be a princess. When done correctly, I think that a canopy bed can elevate the vibe of a bedroom significantly. From a design perspective, canopy beds work best in large-sized bedrooms with high ceilings. If you choose to add curtains [to the bed], just make sure that they are light, flowy, and neutral in color.”

But these large beds aren’t the only home trends from yesteryear agents are seeing. The outlet spoke with other agents who’ve seen everything from floral wallpaper and tapestries, to bold draperies.

Curious which trends from your childhood might be making a reappearance in your home this year? You can check out the full lineup over on Apartment Therapy.

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