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These Were 2020’s Most Popular Foods According to MyFitnessPal

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When it comes to making a transition to eating healthy, most people have heard of the food tracking app MyFitnessPal. But the service doesn’t just help you keep track of what you eat, it’s also great for peeking at trends. MyFitnessPal’s most popular foods of 2020 reveal that a lot of people watch TikTok.

The site’s round-up of most popular food items looks at what its users are tracking in their apps compared to previous years and found one particularly noticeable trend: TikTok inspired items. Remember when you could barely find flour because so many people were baking? Banana bread showed a 51% uptick among MyFitnessPal users, and the same was true of sourdough which saw a 26% increase.

It wasn’t just food. TikTok famous drinks also gained steam. Whipped coffee (aka Dalgona coffee) was up by a whopping 95, 450% increase with Gen Z and Millennials being the two most popular age groups logging it. Those White Claw hard seltzers that people were using to make slushies? They rose by 13,145% in 2020.

But if you weren’t baking bread this year or indulging in whipped coffee and White Claw slushes and want to know how your food choices stack up? You can check out all of MyFitnessPal’s findings here.

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