Watch This Adorable Cat Help Her Human Bake

Three images of Honey Belle the cat baking.
Princess Honey Belle/Instagram

We all need a pick-me-up every now and again. If you’re a cat person, the quickest way to get one is by watching cute cat videos. The internet is filled with them, but the latest to go viral is this adorable feline baking assistant.

Instagram account @princesshoneybelle is dedicated to an adorable orange tabby in Australia who loves to make desserts with her human. On Honey Belle’s Instagram, you can watch short videos of her helping her person make everything from cupcakes to pies. And, of course, she has a chef’s hat to go with her newfound career.

The video below features Honey (and her sweet paws) doing everything from mixing the batter and turning on the oven, to proudly displaying her final creation. Honey might not be starring in Ratatouille II any time soon, but her videos are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Baking isn’t Honey’s only skill, either! This adorable kitty is also quite the knitter. (Okay, her human is.)

The Belle by Honey shop on Etsy features knits for cats, including bow ties, and yes, Honey’s own chef’s hat. If you love Honey’s videos and want to support her, or you just want some cute accessories for your cat, be sure to check it out!

[Via PopSugar]

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