Make a Plain White Candle Look Like Marble with This Hack

The process of giving a plain white candle a marble look.

Does everyone love an affordable and easy DIY hack? Maybe not, but the latest one to go viral is ideal for those looking to elevate a simple piece of home décor. Thanks to TikTok, you can now turn a plain candle into marble in just 30 seconds.

Okay, so maybe not real marble, but you can make it look like marble. This hack comes from TikTok content creator, Elena (@thishouse5000). Her account is dedicated to inspiring home décor and do-it-yourself projects.

There are plenty of other DIYs on Elena’s account you can try, like this tip of adding baking soda to paint to create a textured, matte finish. The simplest, though, is turning a plain white candle into an elegant, marble-patterned piece.

To do it, she uses one tall candle that’s already lit and a second plain one. She then takes the plain candle and begins to lightly float it over the flame in random, rolling patterns to create staggered burn marks that resemble marble.

Once satisfied with the way the new “marble” candle looks, she lights it and places it in a holder.

@thishouse5000Marble candles? Yes please! ##aesthetics ##Winterized♬ original sound – elijah

If you try this hack yourself, be sure to keep your candle just above the flame to prevent the wax from melting. Then, just roll the candlestick to create the marble effect on all sides.

When it’s done, you might need to refresh the candle as it burns. With wax dripping down the side, some of the burned marble pattern might disappear. Also, be careful when handling the newly marbled piece as the burned areas could rub away when you touch them.

If you want to elevate a minimalist piece of décor, then give this hack a shot!

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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