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These 8 Products Make Dental Care Fun for Kids

Ollie the dog, Act watermelon-flavored mouthwash, and an Oral-B Toy Story electric toothbrush

If your kiddos aren’t exactly pumped about brushing their teeth don’t worry—it’s not exactly uncommon. Here are some handy products that are cute, fun, and even delicious, that will help make getting them in a brushing habit easier.

And hey, no time like the present to tackle your little gremlin’s aversion to clean teeth—February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, which makes it a perfect time to focus on dental health and encouraging your kids to love taking care of their teeth.

Curious how involved in brushing your child’s teeth you should be? You can read up on the general recommendations here, but the gist of it is that as soon as your child has a few teeth you should begin paying attention to dental care and you should help them brush their teeth until they are coordinated enough to do it on their own.

What’s a good indicator? If they can tie their own shoes then they typically have enough dexterity and coordination to maneuver a toothbrush around. The trick of course is to make brushing appealing and fun so to help you out we’ve rounded up a bunch of great products that get the job down while also capturing the attention of your kiddos.

Invest in an Electric Toothbrush for Ease

Toy Story toothbrush with images of some of the stickers that come with it.

An electric toothbrush makes brushing a much easier task and helps kids get a deeper clean. There are numerous options out there, but by choosing Oral-B, your child gets access to a great app that will help them have fun and brush longer. This Toy Story electric toothbrush comes with four sticker choices so your child can pick their favorite. There are also variations for Frozen, Star Wars, and other popular franchises.

Brushing Apps Make It More Fun

Budd from the Brush Up app.
Brush Up

There are a few different brushing apps available, but if you want one that lets your kids enjoy brushing with their favorite Disney characters, the Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B is the best choice. The catch is that you need Oral-B products to unlock all the features.

If your child isn’t using an Oral-B toothbrush, give the Brush Up app a try. It has a cute toothy monster that will guide them through a complete brushing experience. Your child can play fun games that keep them brushing longer, offering a great distraction.

Tasty Toothpaste Makes Brushing Less Gross

Hello Kid's tooth paste boxes.
Hello Kid’s

Mint might be the refreshing blast you love, but kids are generally not fans of intensely flavored toothpaste—so fruit flavors may help inspire them to brush. Hello Kid’s Watermelon toothpaste tastes great and doesn’t have a bunch of extra ingredients, including a lack of artificial sweeteners. It’s a good fit for both parents looking for fluoride-free products and for parents of children who already get sufficient fluoride from local water or routine dental treatments.

Kid’s Mouthwash Adds Even More Flavor to Clean Teeth

Rinsing is a good habit to learn at any age, offering a great way to remove extra debris from between teeth, freshening breath, and it’s great for between brushing. ACT mouthwash for kids comes in fun flavors like wild watermelon, pineapple punch, and bubblegum blowout.

ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Get your kids rinsing and freshening their breath with a fun mouth rinse.

Kid-friendly Floss Teaches the importance of Flossing

Mom and child using Plackers dental floss.

Flossing is an important part of dental care, and if you want your child to continue through life flossing daily, get them started at a younger age. Plackers Dental Flossers for kids are made for easy grip and help younger children floss more safely and easily. They also come in fruity flavors.

Brushing Buddy Toy Makes Learning to Brush More Fun

These brushing buddies might seem a little strange to us with their giant mouths full of plastic teeth, but that’s exactly why they’re a perfect teaching tool to help teach your child how to properly brush their teeth. Ollie the dog and his friends all come with a toothbrush of their own. This let’s you demonstrate good brushing technique to your child using the stuffed animal’s big chompers and your kiddo can practice, too. It’s perfect for a kid who doesn’t really like using the toothbrush but could use some practice and a little help getting desensitized to using the brush.

StarSmilez Kids Tooth Brushing Buddy

Let Ollie Mutt help your kid learn how to brush well.

The Right Dental Hygiene Book Will Teach and Bring Laughs

Pop-up page from the "Brush Your teeth, Please" book.
Jean Pidgeon

Kids love picture books and picking a cute book for them on how to brush their teeth will give them memorable guidance. The Brush Your Teeth, Please book is an absolutely adorable pop-up with animals teaching your child all the ways they can keep their teeth healthy in a too-cute way.

Brushing Chart and Stickers Inspire and Motivate

Toothbrushing chart hanging in a bathroom.

Children are often inspired and motivated by fun and rewards, which they can get with this reward chart.  One chart lets them keep track of brushing twice a day every day, while the other chart shows what they are working toward. The caterpillar chart shows the reward they get for brushing their teeth properly for an entire week.

By starting with great dental care at home, visits to the dentist will be less scary for your kids and, even better, less frequent!

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