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LEGO Has an Adult Site So You Can Stop Stealing Your Kids’ Toys

The completed LEGO Roman Coliseum.

Good news! You no longer have to steal your kids’ LEGOs. Okay, you probably still will and that’s fine. But LEGO’s new adult site features buildable sets specifically designed for those of us over the age of 10 who still can’t resist these 3D puzzles.

“The truth is, LEGO building means a lot, to a lot of adults,” the new site explains. “That’s why we are creating sets specifically designed for people like you.”

Once there, you can parse out the sets by choosing different categories, like entertainment (Harry Potter and Star Wars), vehicles, or travel and history. There are even art, design, and music sections.

If you’re not looking for anything in particular, you can just browse every adult LEGO set on the site. Options include the Roman Colosseum ($550) with over 9,000 pieces, a few dinosaur skeletons that are a bit less labor-intensive, and a full-on fandom set of LEGO Hogwarts.

These sets have all been available for some time, but this new section on the site makes it possible to navigate through them much faster. It’ll also help you find that perfect new set much more easily because they’re all in one place.

It’s not just an online store, either. You can also read articles about the process of making LEGOs, how you can use them for mindfulness, and how the sets can actually become home design elements.

If your kids’ easy-to-assemble LEGO sets just aren’t cutting it anymore, the new adult LEGO site is a must-visit.

[Via Mental Floss]

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