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10 Awesome Rest ‘n Relax Valentine’s Day Couples Gifts

A pasta dish, wine vials and massage oil.
Eattiamo/Vinebox/Maple Holistics

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so what better excuse to buy some cute and fun things for you and your favorite person to share. From yummy snacks to cup accessories, there’s a little something for everyone!

Maybe you want more time to sit down and chat over tea. Maybe you would love to cook healthier dinners or make time for a nice massage once a week. Whatever #relationshipgoals you have in mind, bring your special somebody along for the ride with the following rest and relaxation gifts!

These Too-Cute Matching Mugs

Two mugs, designed so that they look like they are kissing each other.
Blu Devil

For all of you who can’t imagine spending a morning without having coffee or tea with your loved one, these kissing mugs from Blu Devil are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. They’re made out of high-quality porcelain so they’re dishwasher and microwave safe, and even come with matching spoons.

Healthy herbal teas? Hot chocolate with a nip of Bailey’s? Whatever you put in them, they’re such a cute way to tell your loved one you enjoy your little couple rituals every morning and/or evening.

This Tea Subscription

An assortment of teas from The Republic of Tea.
The Republic of Tea

Speaking of tea: If you guys happen to think the best way to start or finish your day is with a hot cup of delicious tea in both of your hands, you can’t get wrong with this Valentine’s Day gift. The Republic of Tea has something called Sip by Sip, and it’s a tea subscription based on your preferences. You get to adjust your frequency, quantity, delivery date, and more, and have complete control over what you buy, how often, and how much.

It’s a perfect way to discover new favorites, try out teas from all over the world, and take your special someone on a tea journey they’ll never forget.

Obscenely Comfy Matching Robes

Man and woman in matching blue robes.

If you and your special someone enjoy relaxing in your bathrobes—and hey, who doesn’t, right?—look no further than these spa-quality ultra-lux microfiber and plush robes from Monarch. Available in a variety of colors, they’re so comfortable you’ll want to live in them. They’re perfect for all those late-night Netflix binges where #twinning with your loved one and getting cozy is all you need to feel stress-free.

A Superfood Health Food Subscription

Three healthy and colorful smoothies on a white background.
Daily Harvest

Foodie lovers, gather round. This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for the both of you as you’ll get to enjoy delicious and healthy smoothies, soups, flatbreads, bowls, and even ice cream whenever you don’t feel like cooking. Daily Harvest is an amazing superfood brand that aims to bring good-for-you ingredients into your kitchen with little to no preparation from your end.

All the meals come to your doorstep freshly frozen so all you have to do is pop them in the freezer until it’s time to enjoy them. Now you can have the perfect Valentine’s Day pizza & ice cream dinner totally guilt-free and with no takeout involved.

If you choose to take the subscription route, you can choose how many items you wish to have delivered weekly and even skip the week whenever you wish. Easy, peasy!

An Organic Wine Subscription

Organic wine subscription package

Do you and your loved one enjoy exquisite wines and wine-pairing dinners? This subscription box is for you! And what better time to start exploring the world of organic wines than on Valentine’s Day.

Vinebox is an awesome subscription of fine wines from all over the world, delivered by the glass so you can have your own private wine tasting every season. Shipped quarterly for only $79, you get to discover 9 wines every three months, from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend.

Some Premium Massage Oil

Sensual massage oil with lavender notes in purple packaging.
Maple Holistics Store

Turn Valentine’s Day into more than just a dinner and a movie, and engage in couples massage with this aromatic and sensual massage oil whose lavender and almond notes easily transport you into a state of zen.

Turn your home into a spa for the night and treat your loved one to a relaxing session after which you can get the same treatment as well! Win-win!

A Fun Massage Candle

Massage candle with beautiful packaging.

If massage oils are not your thing, try this amazing massage candle from Shanti that has a vegan, ultra-moisturizing formula that quickly absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. Made with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E and scented with Calla Lilly fragrance, this massage candle is soothing, relaxing, and absolutely perfect for a night dedicated to you both, as a couple.

A Delicious Italian Meal Subscription

Eattiamo italian meal subscription displayed on a table.

Treat your loved one (and yourself) to Italian date nights every month with Eattiamo meal delivery subscription. It comes with easy-to-follow recipes you can both have fun cooking and trying out. With authentic Italian delicacies and products, every dinner will be an adventure that will transport you to Italy, if not by plane, then at least through food.

These Adorable Matching Hoodies

Matching black hoodies with pizza.
Tstars Store

Loungewear is the new clothing staple so surprise your loved one with a matching set and enjoy lounging around the house in something comfortable, soft, cozy, and fun like this Missing Piece Pizza & Slice design from TStars. Not a pizza fan? No worries, they have tons of designs to choose from so find the one that best describes your relationship and shows your love this Valentine’s Day.

Healthy Snack Subscription

Examples of the treats in the Healthy Surprise snack box.
Healthy Surprise

If snacking is something you both enjoy and finding the ones that are good for you and that actually complement a healthy lifestyle is hard, try a healthy snack subscription like Healthy Surprise. With it, you won’t have to think about what to bring on romantic road trips and movie nights, they will have you all covered.

The products are all GMO-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and corn-free, and you can choose from three different options: The Classic box with 15 snacks, The Big box with 21 snacks, and The Paleo box with 17 snacks for paleo eaters.

From food and wine to loungewear and massage oil, we’ve got a little something for everyone to rest, relax, and enjoy a little wellness this Valentine’s Day!

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