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7 Ways to Brush and Care for Your Dog’s Teeth

Pet Dental Spray, a pack of Greenies, and a dental dog care toy.

Not everyone knows that it’s important to brush their dog’s teeth, but this simple action could cut down on future veterinary costs. Unfortunately, doggies can’t get dentures, but there are tons of products that can help you keep your furry friend’s teeth clean and healthy so he’ll never need them anyway.

If you haven’t been brushing your pet’s pearly whites, don’t worry—it’s never too late to start. Just like people, dogs can get cavities. You don’t have to brush Fido’s teeth daily, but if you can fit it in a few times a week, it can make a big difference. It’s also important to take your dog to the vet for a yearly dental checkup and cleaning.

From canine toothpaste and dental treats to doggie mouthwash, you’ll find everything you need below to keep your dog’s teeth healthy between brushings and checkups.

Toothpaste Just for Dogs

A woman brushing her dog's teeth.
Paws & Pals

When it comes to your dog’s health, you shouldn’t use human toothpaste to clean his teeth because it can contain ingredients that are poisonous to pets. Luckily, there are lots of safe options out there.

Beef-flavored toothpaste might make your pooch think he’s getting a snack, which could make the brushing experience a little easier for both of you. While a beef scent doesn’t sound very breath freshening, you’re cleaning plaque and smelly debris from your dog’s mouth, which is definitely going to make a difference.

A Special Doggy Toothbrush

Doggy toothbrushes and a happy dog with a clean mouth.

Be sure to use pet-approved toothbrushes, which are softer for your dog’s mouth. While the Paws & Pals toothpaste above comes with a toothbrush, you’re going to need to replace it at some point. Investing in a multipack will save you money in the long run.

Dog Toothbrush Multipack

Keep your dog's teeth clean with pet-friendly toothbrushes.

Tooth and Gum Wipes for Busy Days

John Paul Pets dental wipes and John Paul with his dog.
John Paul

If you don’t have time to brush your dog’s teeth from time to time, you can try these quick wipes made by the owner of Paul Mitchell brands. Using high-quality botanical extracts and Ph balanced specifically for dogs and cats, you get a product you can trust.

A Mouthwash Rinse to Use Between Brushings

A person adding dog dental wash to a dish of water.

This nifty water additive from Bluestem is like a mouthwash for your dog. It’s designed to help reduce plaque on your pet’s teeth.

The bonus is that it’s super easy to use, all you have to do is add it to your dog’s drinking water once in a while. You’ll find that less tartar means fresher breath for your dog.

Dental Treats

Various flavors of Greenies on a table.

Making the chore of keeping your dog’s teeth clean between brushings simpler! Greenies are wonderful treats that’ll make your pooch think he’s being spoiled.

Greenies come in different flavors and sizes, and there’s even a grain-free version, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect kind for your dog.

A Teeth-Cleaning Dog Toy

A dog chewing on a toothbrush toy.

Toss your dog a toy that doubles as a toothbrush! Teeth-cleaning chew toys are also great for in-between brushings, and they’re perfect for dogs on special diets that don’t need all of those excess treats and calories.

The Shasoly toothbrush toy has a suction cup base, so you can also use it in the tub while bathing your pooch, which is also a handy way to keep him distracted. You can even squeeze some doggy toothpaste on the toy for a deeper cleaning.

The Right Food for Dental Health

Hill's Prescription Diet dog food.
Hill’s Science Diet

If your dog is prone to tartar buildup, there are special foods that can help clean her teeth. Talk to your veterinarian if you notice that your dog’s teeth are a yellowish-brown even after cleanings.

Your veterinarian might recommend a special diet, like Hill’s Prescription. Hill’s has foods for all sorts of pet health issues, and the dental prescription is easy on dog’s teeth and will keep them clean and healthy.

We know your dog is an important member of your family. Doing what you can to keep his or her teeth clean and cavity-free now will help you maintain your pet’s health, as well as prevent tooth loss. Don’t forget to talk to your vet about your dog’s dental health as well.

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