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Tea Bombs Are the New Cocoa Bombs

A glass mug of herbal tea sitting on a windowsill, surrounded by herbs and leaves.
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If you’ve been online at all this winter, you’ve likely witnessed the rise of the hot-cocoa-bomb trend. Well, now there’s a new hot-beverage bomb in town. Hot tea bombs are gaining popularity, and they’re gorgeous!

In case you missed the original hot-cocoa-bomb social media hoopla, they’re just round, hollow balls of chocolate. Typically, you fill them with cocoa powder and marshmallows, plop it in a mug, then pour hot milk over it. The chocolate slowly melts, converting the concoction into a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Now, there’s a tea version! Instead of a chocolate shell, tea bombs are made from sugar and crafted using silicone molds. Inside, there’s typically a tea bag or leaves, and herbs and spices. You just let those steep for a few moments after pouring hot milk or water over the top. Or, you can just drop one into a mug filled with hot water or milk.

Like the hot cocoa bombs, these fun treats aren’t just about the delicious drink they create—they’re also stunning to look at.

While tea bombs haven’t made it to local stores yet, they are available from talented creators on Etsy. Kiana Gomes, owner of KikiBakeshop, makes gorgeous, multicolored four-packs of tea bombs for under $30. You can choose from chai, green tea, lemon ginger, or a mixed pack.

If you’re a fan of lattes, you can also get tea bombs inspired by them from Etsy stores like Gabysconfections. It sells flower-adorned tea latte bombs that melt away to reveal lavender, rose, chai, matcha, or Thai tea in packs of four, six, eight, or 12.

So, if you’ve had one too many hot cocoa bombs and want to switch up your winter beverage, tea bombs are the perfect alternative!

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