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8 Products to Turn Your Shower into a Spa Experience

A shower speaker, a bundle of fresh eucalyptus, and a towel warmer.

You shower practically every day, so why not make your experience as enjoyable as possible? From switching out your bath mat to hanging eucalyptus from your showerhead, these upgrades will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

If you feel like there’s precious little time in your day to just relax and unwind, sneaking in some spa-therapy time into your daily shower routine is a great way to squeeze out some “me time” in an otherwise hectic day. From aromatherapy to bringing some uplifting music into the shower with you, below you’ll find our favorite picks for making the most of the steam solitude of the shower.

A Soothing Rainfall Showerhead

A rainfall showerhead.

Make your shower feel like a fancy hotel with this large rainfall showerhead. It also comes with an attachable nozzle with three spray settings for additional use. Combining a trendy aesthetic with modern technology, this is the best way to upgrade your daily shower and bathroom design.

This Toasty Towel Warmer

person pulling towel out of towel warming bin

Stick your towel or robe in this towel warmer just before you get in the shower and you’ll pull out a toasty warm blanket when you’re done. It can hold up to two 40” x 70” towels, blankets, robes, pajama sets, or whatever else you want to throw in there. You won’t believe you used to survive without it.

A Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat

bath mat in front of tub
Clara Clark

Stepping onto this soft bath mat is so much better than a cold, hard floor. It’s super absorbent and machine washable for easy maintenance—but the real selling point is the ultra-soft memory foam layer. Stepping out of the shower onto this thing is like putting on comfortable memory foam slippers. The design is stylish and will fit into any decor scheme.

Some Fragrant Eucalyptus Branches

Bunches of eucalyptus hanging in a shower.

Hang a bunch of eucalyptus from your shower head and elevate your bathing experience. The key is to skip buying “preserved” eucalyptus like you might find at your local craft store. For the spa effect, you need a big fresh bundle. The steam will release the natural oils in the plant and fill your shower with a soothing and sinus-clearing scent.

A Soft and Absorbent Bathrobe

folded gray bathrobe

A long bathrobe lets you avoid being chilly and damp after your shower. This terry-cotton pick will absorb any extra moisture on your body and keep you cozy while you’re getting ready. It comes with a shawl collar and deep pockets for added convenience. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day, although we recommend changing before your Zoom meetings.

A Shower Speaker for Tunes and Podcasts

black speaker hanging in shower

Hang this waterproof speaker in your shower and play whatever you want while you get ready for the day. Need to chill out before your big meeting? Relax to meditation music. Need an energy booster? Throw on your favorite dance playlist. Podcasts? Comedy routines? If you can listen to it, this lil speaker will pump it out. It’ll change your nights and mornings, believe us.

Some Fun Shower Steamer Fizzies

variety of colorful shower steamers

A shower steamer is essentially a bath bomb for your shower. Place it on the floor of your tub and let the hot water dissolve it to release a relaxing scent into the air. This kit comes in six unique fragrances: eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender oil, vanilla & sweet orange, rose, and lemon.

An Exfoliating Body Brush

two body brushes sitting in front of box

A good exfoliation treatment in the shower improves blood flow, smooths skin, and feels amazing. This body brush can be used before, during, or after your shower. This kit comes with a soft brush for light exfoliation and a stiff brush for a deeper massage.

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