Someone Used the TikTok Tortilla Hack to Make an Omelet

Three scenes from a video of a woman making an omelet by cutting a line through the eggs and folding the sections together.

TikTok has, yet again, brought us another food hack. This time, it’s a new take on an already-popular favorite. That tortilla trick you’ve probably seen online has been converted to an omelet hack, and it’s genius!

If you missed the TikTok tortilla hack, you cut a single line from the outside of the round shell to the center, then divide the tortilla into fourths using different toppings (like cheese, avocado, chicken, and so on). Then, you fold the sections over until they form a perfect triangular quesadilla you can cook up in a panini press or pan.

Gina Homolka, who runs the recipe website SkinnyTaste, came up with the idea of using the tortilla hack to make an omelet. She then posted her results on Instagram. In the video below, Homolka scrambles some eggs, then pours them into a hot pan to make an omelet.

She allows the eggs to cook until they form what, essentially, looks like an egg tortilla. Next, she follows the same steps as the tortilla hack, cutting a line from the outer edge and dividing the egg into four parts with her toppings (cheese, tomato, bacon, and avocado). She then folds the cut edge over and continues the fold until she has a perfect triangular omelet.

If you’ve tried and loved the tortilla hack, you might want to give it a shot for breakfast, too! The best part is it eliminates all the messy flipping, so you don’t end up with an egg scramble instead of a neat, tasty omelet.

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