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Some People Think Exercising with Goats Is the GOAT

A white baby goat sticking out its tongue.

You might not have known that February is National Goat Yoga Month. Of course, working out with these energetic (and adorable) farm animals isn’t just a February thing—there are a few ways goats can help you exercise all year.

Plus, just think how much cuter your workout pics will be on Instagram!

Goat Yoga

A group of women doing yoga outside surrounded by young goats.
Colin Dewar/Shutterstock

Goat yoga is just what it sounds like—doing yoga with goats around. When you look for a class, make sure the goats are kids (young goats). They’re much lighter than the adults, and therefore, less likely to injure you with any overzealous headbutting.

Cathy Hanson of Barefoot Ginger Yoga, who’s been teaching goat yoga for two years, said it’s fun for both beginners and those who’ve grown bored with traditional yoga.

“The goats jumping on your back helps with alignment and actually feels good,” Hanson said. “Some will get in your lap if you want.”

Hanson also said that what keeps some folks from trying goat yoga is the chance of being urinated or pooped on.

“The pee doesn’t have any ammonia in it, so it won’t smell and is just like spilling water on you,” Hanson pointed out. “The poop are little pellets, like rabbit pellets, and can be easily swept up.”

Goats are also known to nibble on anything, including hair and clothing. Goat yoga classes also usually take place outside or in a barn, so be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

And while goat urine won’t ruin your yoga mat, you might want to invest in an affordable spare you can use for goat yoga only and easily clean in-between to keep it fresh.

Goat Walks and Hikes

If having baby goats climb on you isn’t really your cup of tea, you can still spend some time getting fit with goats and enjoying their antics. Many farmers are making their goat herds available for walks and hikes. A quick web search like “goat hikes near me” should bring up anything near your location.

Some might have specific breeds, more goats to walk with, longer hiking areas, and so on. Prices, also, will vary. Some allow their goats to roam free, while others will allow you to take them on leashed walks.

It’s not just a fun way to get in some extra steps, it’s also educational. You’ll get to see what it’s like to hang out with these ruminants. You’ll love watching them graze, play, or use trees as scratching posts.

They’ll probably expect a few pats on the head, though.

Why Goats Are Popular

There’s a simple reason why goat memes and GIFs have been running amok on the internet for years: These animals just make people laugh. That’s also why folks started integrating goats into yoga and inviting others to walk with their animals. In addition to their entertaining personalities, goats are also intelligent.

People raise goats for many reasons, not the least of which is the popularity of their milk. It’s used in everything from food to skincare products.

It’s best if you don’t take whatever you’re doing too seriously if goats are involved, though. According to scientists, goats are more attracted to people who are smiling.

So, if you want these cuties to gravitate toward you while you’re doing your yoga or taking a hike, make sure you show them how much fun you’re having.

If you need a little more fun in your fitness routine to stay motivated, goat yoga or hiking/walking might be just the thing. After all, what could make downward dog more bearable than a cute little goat hopping on your back?

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