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Tidy Up Your Kitchen with These 12 Handy Organizers

Water bottle and food container lid racks by YouCopia, and a spice rack drawer insert by Lynk.

From chaotic cupboards to disorderly pantries, having to maneuver around a disorganized kitchen makes cooking way more stressful. When all the right products are within arm’s reach, though, meal prep is so much easier and (dare we say it?) even a pleasure!

When your kitchen has designated spaces for various foods, appliances, and tools, you’ll benefit in more ways than you know. Not only will you stress less when you know where everything is, but you’ll also save tons of time by not having to search for ingredients.

Better yet, you’ll use ingredients while they’re still fresh. Who hasn’t fallen into the trap of having three different containers of the same spice, all of which are expired?

From keeping everything current to preventing water bottles from rolling away, there’s a little organizational magic for everyone below!

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Containers

A pantry shelf stacked with Chef's Path brand of food containers.
Chef’s Path

Add a bundle of these sleek BPA-free food storage containers to your pantry for the ultimate organizational makeover. The set comes complete with chalkboard labels and a marker so you can label (and relabel) each container.

You’ll love all the space you save with the stackable design. It’s perfect for the pantry, cabinet, fridge, or freezer. We especially love the four-sided locking lids and high-quality material that prevents your food from going stale.

YouCopia Water Bottle Organizer

Nine reusable water bottles stacked neatly on an organizer rack.

If you’re slightly obsessed with reusable water bottles and/or coffee mugs, we’ve found a quick way to store them all neatly. The height of this YouCopia bottle organizer is adjustable to fit various bottle sizes so you can maximize your space.

It’s also an excellent way to store shaker bottles or that large collection of baby bottles new parents tend to accumulate.

Seseno Expandable Cutlery Organizer

Gray and black cutlery organizer filled with kitchen utensils.

Finding a cutlery organizer that’s the perfect size for your drawer is a common problem. Luckily, we’ve found the solution! The Seseno organizer is a quick fix for that constantly sliding flatware. It expands to fit any drawer size and will stay in place.

Designed with eight sections to hold your forks, spoons, and knives, you can also expand the larger sections to hold your cooking spoons and spatulas, as well.

Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack

A can rack filled with cans.
Simple Houseware

Now let’s talk about canned foods; we love to hate them! While these little guys are inexpensive and convenient, they also take up a lot of space. Plus, if they aren’t organized in a specific spot, you might end up purchasing more of something you already have at home.

Save yourself the hassle of old dusty cans taking over your pantry with this can and jar organizer from Simply Hosuseware. The dividers are adjustable and removable, so they can even hold the big 28 oz. cans.

YouCopia Food Container Lid Organizer

Multiple container lids sitting in a lid organizer.

We all know the horror of misplaced and mismatched food containers and lids. There’s no better way to avert that plastic-top disaster than with this YouCopia lid organizer.

The plastic rack is available in four sizes depending on the number of lids you have. It also features adjustable dividers for your convenience. You’ll have it set up in less than a minute and it’s also easy to clean.

Sagler Kitchen Wrap Organizer

A three tiered organizer rack fit for different types of kitchen wraps and baggie boxes.

If wrap and plastic bag boxes are the mischief-makers in your kitchen, you’ll love this affordable wrap and foil rack from Sagler. If you add one or two of these, you can free up some major drawer or cabinet space.

Even the smallest of boxes won’t slip through the cracks of these tightly spaced wire shelves.

Cuisinel Heavy-Duty Pan Organizer

A Cuisinel rack holding four cast-iron skillets.

Pan organizers help you keep those cabinets tidy, which, in turn, keeps the cook happy. While this Cuisinel rack stores pots and pans vertically, its versatile design also allows you to store them horizontally, if you prefer

Durable and well-constructed, it will hold even the heaviest pots and pans, so you can feel comfortable using it to store even your most expensive cookware.

YouCopia Bakeware Rack

A bakeware rack holding a tart pan, muffin tin, cutting board, sheet pan, and cooling rack.

Organize those bulky cutting boards and sheet pans with this convenient YouCopia bakeware rack. It has seven convenient and adjustable dividers, which allow you to store multiple items upright.

Imagine having an arranged section for cutting boards, sheet pats, muffin tins, and cooling racks? No more searching through that messy pile at the back of the cabinet. Hurrah!

Lynk Professional Spice Rack Insert

Multiple spice jars neatly organized on a rack in a drawer.

There’s no better way to store dozens of tiny little spice jars than in a drawer insert, like this one from Lynk. The large-capacity, four-tier tray keeps spices tucked away and neatly arranged for easy access. It’s also easy to wipe clean.

So, whether you need to create some more counter space or free up a large section in a cabinet, this rack is the perfect solution. Plus, you’ll never have to go searching for that perfect spice again.

MadeSmart Under the Sink Storage

Sponges and various cleaners in the MadeSmart basket organizer.

It’s easy to neglect the storage under your sink, but that section needs attention, too. Tidy up your cleaning supplies with these modern MadeSmart slide-out baskets with handles.

Whether you need a basket for sponges and dish soap, or one for that collection of multipurpose cleaners and disinfectants, this set delivers!

Utopia Pantry and Fridge Organizers

Two Utopia plastic organizers filled with various foods and drinks in a fridge.

If you find that your fridge or pantry quickly becomes a ground for chaos once you add little snacks and such, these clear, plastic Utopia organizers can help. They’re perfect for organizing fruits and school snacks.

The stackable design means you save on space, and, because they’re clear, you can spot whatever you’re looking for with ease. These dishwasher-safe containers also have handles, which means you can quickly grab and slide them out to get what you need.

DecoBros Stackable Cabinet Organizers

Jars, cans, teacups, and bowls sitting on two Deco Brothers Organizer Racks.
Deco Brothers

Another excellent way to control those chaotic cabinets is by adding these removable (and stackable) Deco Brothers shelves. They’re great for arranging jars of peanut butter, nonperishables, and so much more.

You can also use them to organize plates, mugs, and bowls. They also fold up for easy storage if you’d rather use them as needed.

Many hands go poking around the kitchen on any given day. But a few handy organizers in just the right places can work wonders when it comes to keeping everything in a designated place.

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