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Jazz Up Your Gallery Wall with These High-Impact Pieces

A feathered clock, a hanging vertical wood planter, and a wood map of the world
FLEBLE/ShopLaLa/Enjoy the Wood

Putting together a gallery wall doesn’t have to just mean finding coordinating frames for a bunch of your favorite art prints or photos. It’s easier than you might think to mix things up. Plus, adding different colors, textures, and materials to your gallery wall better reflects your individual taste and style.

Whether you’re planning your first gallery wall or revamping one you’ve had for a while, you can provide a lot of visual impact by breaking up a smooth wall of frames with something novel.

From maps and mirrors to hats, the items below feature textures, depth, and exciting colors that might be the perfect thing to spruce up your living space.

3D World Map

A 3D wooden world map on a gray wall above a white couch
Enjoy the Wood

Instead of traditional artwork and photographs taking center stage, how about this 3D wood world map from Enjoy the Wood to anchor your gallery wall? It comes in several options, including interactive versions with pushpins that feature either tiny planes or country flags. It adds both texture and depth to any wall.

The kit is also available in four different sizes, but it’s large enough to serve as the focal point. The neutral color means it will work with pretty much any other décor. If you’re looking to add a bit of “worldly” flair without using a bunch of pictures, this might be just the thing.

Geometric Mirror

Geometric wall mirror in a living room with a white chair and bookshelf

Mirrors with geometric shapes, like this one from Stonebriar, are a popular way to add a sleek, minimalist touch to a gallery wall. Because its frame is made of thin metal wires that crisscross at precise angles, this mirror feels less bulky and more modern than more traditional styles.

With a 28-inch diameter, this mirror is large enough to be a major player on your gallery wall. Try using it as a central point, and surround it with smaller pieces!

Small Triangular Planters

Two white and gold triangular hanging planters

Live plants can be part of a gallery wall, too! If your style leans more toward sleek, geometric, or neutral, you might like these Umbra Trigg hanging planters. A hollow white pyramid serves as the actual planter, while brass wire wraps around the outside to create a triangular hanger.

You’ll want to choose plants that can live in small planters and are unlikely to get much bigger, like succulents or air plants. Of course, you can also select beautiful, realistic-looking faux plants.

3D Rustic Clock

Black and wood clock face with Roman numerals and gears at the center
Oldtown Clocks

An old-fashioned clock, like this rustic 3D model from Oldtown Clocks, makes an interesting addition to any gallery wall. This one has a bit of a steampunk style with exposed gears, Roman numerals, and an interesting blend of dark and light colors.

There are also six different style options you can choose from if you prefer a different numeral style or color combination.

The clock is lightweight and noiseless with quartz movement, which is battery-powered. The neutral colors make this ideal for blending into any gallery wall. Its unusual style also makes it stand out from other wall clocks.

This Adorable Straw Hat

Straw hat with "hello sunshine" stitched in black script along the brim
Jeff & Aimy

When you think of a gallery wall, angular pieces made of hard materials, like picture frames, mirrors, and so on, are what likely come to mind. For a more relaxed vibe, add something like this straw hat. It creates a softer feeling with its gentle, floppy style, and the soft, flexible texture of the straw and ribbon add interest.

Any hat will work on a gallery wall—in fact, you can use several contrasting or coordinating hats to make a mini-gallery that’s more fashion-oriented! We love this one because of the attention to detail, including the cute cursive script on the brim.

A Plant Wall

Three vertical wood lattice pieces holding plants on a wall above a white sofa

Tired of the same old gallery wall designs? Turn yours into a garden wall with this ShopLaLa wall planter! Made from a lattice of wood slats, this trio of planters will give any wall an entirely new look. Each planter has several spaces to hang your favorite plants (real or faux), and creates the illusion of a mini wall of vines, succulents, flowers, and more.

If you’re using real plants, make sure the wall you’re using gets enough light. You can also swap out the hanging items for seasonal decor or different plants whenever you want, and keep your gallery wall fresh!

Shelves for Your Curiosities

Floating shelves on a white wall, holding books, candles, and plants

For all those little items you want to include but can’t hang, these BAYKA floating shelves are the perfect solution. A gallery wall doesn’t have to include only items you can hang directly on the wall. A few well-placed, floating shelves with pretty books, plants, or meaningful items are a nice touch.

These come in a few different colors, but we love the basic pine shelves with black hardware. They’re neutral enough that they won’t distract from the items sitting on them. Plus, the exposed, angular wall mount is industrial and aesthetically appealing.

A Clock That Makes a Statement

A wall clock surrounded with clear stones and black feather drops

“Glamorous” and “clocks” don’t usually go together, but they do when it comes to this one by FLEBLE! With a “feathered” design of drops and clear stones radiating from the center of the face, this is definitely the kind of statement piece that has a serious presence. It adds elegant style to any gallery wall.

The clock comes in two finishes: gold or black. It’s large enough to decorate a small wall by itself, but it also works beautifully as an anchor item in a gallery wall. You can surround it with artwork, photos, or other items that reflect your style and personality.

Metal Tree Sculpture

A gold metal tree sculpture.
It’s Cactus

Metal sculptures add a different style and texture to any gallery wall. This It’s Cactus metal tree looks like a three-dimensional medallion depicting a “tree of life.”

With detailed, hammered leaves and plenty of texture, a piece of metal wall art like this can give a gallery wall more visual interest than typical frames.

Ceramic Hanging Planters

Three round hanging planters on a white wall above a white sofa

Mkono’s hanging planters are perfectly designed to add some depth and life to any gallery wall. From the front, they look like ceramic planters. They’re a cute, bubbly, round shape with a matte white finish. And they’re definitely made for wall hanging—the backs are flat, so they’ll hang flush against the wall.

These will add a touch of life and some rounded shapes to your gallery wall. They’ll also fit in with most styles, as they’re a relatively simple design and a neutral color. The real personality will come from the plants you put in them.

Polished Round Mirror

Round wall mirror with three layers of mirrored dots surrounding it

Geometric shapes not your thing? How about a wall mirror with rounded details, like this option from KOHROS. It features three layers of polished dots that increase in size with each circle. It offers a jeweled look without overdoing it. The gleaming, rounded style also adds some curves to a gallery wall to mix things up if you have mostly angular frames.

The diameter is just under 32 inches, making it a perfect focal point for your wall. With its radiating layers of polished dots, it’s ornate and intricate without feeling outdated.

Your Name In Lights

Metal letters with lightbulbs spelling out "HOME" atop a fireplace
Barnyard Designs

If you don’t want your name, get your initials! With these Barnyard Design metal marquee letters, you can spell anything on your gallery wall. These faux-rusted metal letters are a slightly rustic style. They’re a simple capital font with inset vintage light bulbs.

Instead of the traditional wood signs with cutesy sayings, say whatever you want!

Even better, the light-up letters are super convenient to operate. They run on battery power, so no need to find a plug or worry about yet another visible cord. They also have On/Off switches on the side, so you can turn them on without removing them from the wall.

Modern Tiny Shelves

Two triangular shelves with succulents on them, with black diamond frames

Shelves can be small, too, like this floating triangular set. Perfect for a single plant or any other small item, they work perfectly between larger items on your gallery wall. Their diamond-shaped frames are unique and provide a great way to mix things up and keep your gallery wall from looking too blah.

Sleek and modern, with two different sizes, these shelves are a modern update that will work with any gallery wall.

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