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Become a Pizza-Making Pro with These 10 Kitchen Items

Chef cutting pizza with a rocker, hands cutting tomatoes on cutting board, woman peering at pizza on a stone baking in a oven.
KitchenStar/LX Lermx/CastElegance

Most of us love pizza. Not only is it delicious, but you can customize it any way you want! If you have the right equipment, you can also save cash by skipping delivery and making your own perfect pie.

Below are our top recs for building the ultimate pizza-making arsenal. With these products on hand, you’ll be making gourmet pizza at home in no time!

A Digital Scale

Two strawberries on the Nicewell digital scale next to two batteries.

If you enjoy cooking anything from scratch, a digital kitchen scale is a must! Measuring cups can work, but they aren’t nearly as accurate as a good digital scale. If you want your pizza dough to become the perfect pie, you need the correct measurements.

The Nicewell Food Scale has four precision sensors to ensure you get accurate measurements every time. Made of stainless steel and tempered glass, it’s both durable and sleek, so it will work with any kitchen décor.

A Stainless-Steel Scraper

Metal scraper with measurements on it.

You’ll need a good scraper when baking pizza at home. The dough tends to get sticky and you want your entire crust to come up without coming apart. A stainless-steel scraper is essential for cutting your dough. It’ll also come in handy when you’re doing other food prep.

This scraper by Anmarko is especially good for cutting through that sticky dough. It also has an ergonomic handle so you won’t lose your grip. It also has a handy measuring guide right on the blade to help you get the precise thickness.

A Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza Pan

A deep-dish pizza in a Chicago-style pan.
Chicago Metallic

They say Chicago is the home of the deep-dish pizza. If you want a big round, deep pie, this 14-inch pan is the perfect way get it! Even better, when you’re not using it for pizza, you can make a giant cookie!

The non-stick surface makes it much easier to get your own slice. Made of heavy-duty carbon steel, this thing will last a while. Handwashing is recommended to prolong the life of your pan, but it’s also dishwasher safe.

A Detroit-Style Pan

Detroit-style pizza pan next to a finished pizza and some random toppings.
Lloyd Pans

If you’re not in the mood for a boring round pizza—or you’re just partial to Detroit-style pies—this pro-style rectangular pan from Lloyd Pans should be your go-to. It’s pre-seasoned and safe to use in high heats (up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit).

It’s available in either an 8- x 10-inch or 10- x 14-inch size. You’ll love diving into the 2-1/2-inch thick pizza this baby bakes, right in your own kitchen.

A Pizza Stone

Pizza on a stone cooking over a grill.

If you enjoy a crispier pizza and want a great “pan” for making pizza on the grill, a pizza stone is a great investment! This one from CastElegance features thermarite, which keeps your pizza safe from extreme heat. This is how you get that crispy, but not burned, crust!

It’s available in 14- or 16-inch size and even comes with a bonus scraper!

A Cast-Iron Skillet

A Backcountry cast-iron skillet next to its box.

For cast-iron aficionados, a good skillet offers crispier crust in the oven or on the stovetop. Cast-iron cooking also gives you that old-school feeling, while providing an even heating surface. We love this beautiful 13.5-inch pizza skillet from Backcountry Iron.

It’s versatile, so you can use it on a stovetop, in the oven, or even over a campfire. And you can use it for more than making a crispy-crust pizza—from burgers and steaks to pancakes and eggs, this skillet will come in handy for all sorts of recipes.

And if you need some tips on caring for cast iron, we’ve got you covered!

A Pastry Mat

A non-slip silicone pastry mat on a counter surrounded by containers of food.

Your homemade pizza doesn’t have to be any perfect size—it’s not like a customer will be measuring it after you deliver it.

However, you also don’t want your pie to be too big for your pan. That’s where a silicone pastry mat comes in. This one is even available in an extra-large size (25.4 x 17.7 inches). It’s thick and flexible enough for dough-rolling. It’s also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.

This is another item that will come in handy for other recipes, including cookies, bread, or candy.

A Wooden Pizza Peel

Pizza on a wooden pizza peel.

Pizza peels, like this bamboo option from LX LERMX, are great for transferring your pizza from mat to stone, steel, or oven. A wooden peel is best because when your pizza is raw, the dough will often stick to metal.

You can also make your pizza right on a wooden peel if you don’t have a silicone mat. It also makes a nice chopping board for slicing those toppings. The easy-grip handle makes it comfortable to maneuver from counter, to oven, to table.

An Aluminum Pizza Peel

A veggie pizza on a steel peel.
Chef Pomodoro

Of course, you might want a metal peel, too. They’re much thinner than wooden peels, making them excellent for retrieving that pizza after it’s been cooked to perfection. We like this aluminum peel from Chef Pomodoro. It’s 12-inches wide and 14-inches long, with a 10-inch handle that folds away for easy storage!

While you can also use a metal peel for pizza prep, just remember to sprinkle some cornmeal or flour on it to prevent the dough from sticking.

A Pizza Slicer

A pizza being sliced by a KitchenStar Pizza Slicer.

Those wheel-style pizza cutters tend to fall apart after a while. Fortunately, there are some better options out there that will last much longer. Instead of a wheel cutter, we like this 13.75-inch slicer from KicthenStar.

Made of anti-rust, food-grade stainless steel, the ergonomic “rocker” design provides maximum safety while you’re slicing your pie. It’ll also work great on your peeler, so you won’t have to saw at your pizza with a basic kitchen knife for ages.

Once you’ve stocked up on your pizza-making supplies, it’s time to try out some new recipes, like seasonal or dessert pizzas. Yum!

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