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The 6 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Kitchen, Standing Desk, or Workshop

A man cooking while standing on a Kangaroo mat, the DEXI Anti-Fatigue Mat Set in a kitchen, and a woman standing on a KMAT in the kitchen.

If you’ve spent more time working in the kitchen over the last year, you’re certainly not alone. Sometimes, though, being on your feet for prolonged periods can take a toll on your back and feet. An anti-fatigue mat might be just the thing to help ease any discomfort while you cook.

It’s true! A sufficiently padded kitchen mat or rug can provide more comfort, especially for your back, legs, and feet. And they’re not just for the kitchen—you can add one anywhere you’re on your feet for long periods, including the workshop, salon, garage, or at your standing desk.

Our favorite anti-fatigue mats are listed below. In addition to the comfort factor, there are several that will also add a refreshing pop of color to a modern beige or white kitchen.

Kangaroo Original Standing Kitchen Mat

Two men standing on Kangaroo mats.

The extra-thick Kangaroo kitchen mat is made with ultimate comfort in mind, especially if you stand for extended periods. Designed to help reduce stress on your feet and joints, this mat’s firmness also helps you keep your balance.

Because they’re stain-resistant and easy to clean, these also work well in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or even your home office. The high-quality material offers long-lasting support that won’t compress or break down over time.

If you’re looking for a comfortably soft, yet, firm, cushioned surface to provide some relief for your feet or legs, choose one of these! It’s available in various colors and designs.

COSY HOMEER Soft Kitchen Mat Set

Two gray COSY HOMEER rugs in a kitchen.

If you’re looking for a matching set of rugs to add more color and texture, these soft, solid-colored mats from COSY HOMEER are a great pick. The material is super durable and easy to clean. Just use the vacuum to pull up crumbs or toss them in the machine for an occasional wash.

The supremely soft material feels wonderful on your feet, while the anti-skid backing helps keep the mats in place. Embrace comfort and stability!

iCustomRug Ergonomic Standing Mat

Someone squatting down on an iCustomRug anti-fatigue mat.

We love these supportive anti-fatigue mats for so many reasons. First, their core is memory foam, which provides comforting support to your back, legs, and feet. You’ll also love that as soon as you step off one of these mats, it returns to its original shape. It also won’t lose its structure over time.

The material is also stain- and water-resistant. To clean it, just give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth and some mild soap. The texture also adds a warm accent to any neutral-toned room, and it’s available in seven different colors and designs.

KMAT Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat

An orange cat looking up at a woman standing on a brown KMAT anti-fatigue mat.

Add some style and comfort to your space with a KMAT anti-fatigue floor mat. Not only will you be able to stand comfortably for long periods, but the materials are also eco-friendly. You’ll also get years of use out of it, as this mat won’t break down or lose its shape over time.

The surface is easy to clean—just wipe it down with a cloth or run the vacuum over it. The textured design is also super attractive. Just always make sure the bottom of the rug is on a dry surface so it doesn’t slip.

DEXI Kitchen Rug Set

Two black DEXI anti-fatigue mats in a kitchen.

Here’s another set of two! Made by DEXI, these solid-colored, anti-fatigue mats are made of PVC, so they’re durable and safe. They’re also waterproof, which makes them easy to wipe down and prevents oil from soaking in as it does on other rugs.

Whether you’re standing at the counter helping someone with homework, packing lunches, or preparing dinner, these mats bring the comfort. They’re designed to help relieve pressure, especially on your knees, feet, and lower back. There are also 11 solid-color options to choose from.

KMAT Memory Foam Kitchen Mats

A soft brown KMAT memory foam mat on a kitchen floor.

If you’re just looking for a memory foam kitchen mat you can easily throw in the wash, you’ll love this one from KMAT. Made of premium foam, it’s super cushiony and comfortable to stand on, and will relieve those aching feet.

The smooth, velvety surface feels so nice on your feet, while the bottom is made of anti-slip material for safety. You can also get a few for the bathroom—there’s nothing nicer than planting your feet on a warm cushiony rug after a hot shower or bath.

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