Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Jan. 31, 2021

Zendaya and John David Washington in a scene from "Malcolm and Marie."

Congratulations! You’re about to be done with the first month of 2021, and you’ve made it. As a reward, Netflix is making its monthly streaming drop.

Are the plethora of films and shows coming to streaming just for you? Well, no, but you can pretend they are! And there’s a lot on that list. From rom-com classic, My Best Friend’s Wedding, to the highly anticipated Malcolm & Marie (check out the trailer below), this week’s releases are just as good as usual.

Here’s the full lineup:

  • Jan. 31
    • Fatima: Children receive visits from the Virgin Mary in this film.
  • Feb. 1
    • The Bank Job: A former criminal moves back into his life of crime when offered a job robbing a bank.
    • Beverly Hills Ninja: Chris Farley stars in this classic ’90s comedy.
    • Eat Pray Love: A woman leaves her life in New York to go on soul-searching travels.
    • Inception: A thief with the ability to enter dreams is tasked with planting an idea to earn his redemption.
    • Love Daily: Season 1: This series follows multiple love stories as they evolve.
    • My Best Friend’s Wedding: Julia Roberts stars in this romantic comedy about a woman plotting to win the love of her best friend before he marries someone else.
    • My Dead Ex: Season 1: A girl’s ex-boyfriend reappears as a ghost and tries to win her back.
    • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Christmas has come and gone, but you can still feel the spirit with this hilarious classic.
    • The Patriot: Mel Gibson stars in this fictionalized account of the Revolutionary War.
    • Rocks: A young girl is tasked with taking care of herself and her brother.
    • Shutter Island: An investigator and his partner travel to a remote asylum to discover how a murderess escaped.
    • The Unsetting: Season 1: A young girl enters a foster home and strange things start to happen.
    • Zac and Mia: Seasons 1-2: Two teenagers battle cancer at the same hospital in this series.
    • Zathura: A magical board game transports a group of siblings to space.

  • Feb. 2
    • Kid Cosmic: A boy’s superhero dreams come true when he develops powers.
    • Mighty Express: Season 2: The kid-friendly train stories return.
    • Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready Season 2: Comedian Tiffany Haddish is back with friends.
    • Black Beach: A lawyer attempts to negotiate with a kidnapper who is a former childhood friend.
    • Firefly Lane: Two childhood friends explore the ups and downs of life in this Netflix original series.

  • Feb. 5
    • Hache: Season 2: A woman rises in the ranks of a drug cartel.
    • Invisible City: A man faces a tragedy and realizes there are magical creatures living around him.
    • The Last Paradiso: A man becomes involved in an affair that threatens his livelihood.
    • Little Big Women: A family deals with the death of their estranged father.
    • Malcolm & Marie: This film follows a filmmaker and his partner after a movie premiere.
    • Space Sweepers: Four people attempt to collect space debris but find something more sinister.
    • Strip Down, Rise Up: This documentary looks at how pole dancing can impact lives.
    • The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity: A demon rises and the Ying Yang Masters have to protect the royal court.
  • Feb. 6
    • The Sinner: Jamie: A man returns to his hometown to investigate a murder.
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