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10 Out-of-This-World Items to Celebrate Your Love of Aliens

A man wearing an alien T-shirt, game pieces from the "One Night Ultimate Alien" game, and an "I Want to Believe" mug.
Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co/Bezier Games/Artisan Owl

Whether you actually believe in aliens or not, the pop culture phenomenon of these, sometimes, human-looking beings has made them a staple in most households. And what better day to get a little weird than Extraterrestrial Culture Day?

Aliens certainly aren’t a new thing. Although pop culture’s fascination with them is relatively new, UFO sightings date back to the ancient Egyptians, and the first written record of aliens was recorded in the 17th century.

Because they’re otherwordly and there’s so much mystery surrounding their actual existence, aliens have been firmly cemented in the popular imagination. And, of course, this includes the imaginations of filmmakers, authors, and other creatives.

All of this also means there are more than enough fun, UFO-themed products to go around. And thanks to Extraterrestial Culture Day, celebrated the second Tuesday of February each year (Feb. 9, this year), it’s the perfect time to indulge.

An Illustrated History of UFOs

A look inside An Illustrated History of UFOs.

There are innumerable books out there on aliens and UFOs. Some are factual, and some are fictional, and sometimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two. Many books are written by true believers and might come off a little strong. An Illustrated History of UFOs by Adam Allsuch Boardman offers an historical look, but in an easy, approachable way.

Enjoy a Little Alien Comic Fun

An alien comic from "Strange Planet."
Morrow Gift

Not all of your alien celebrations have to be serious. Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet comics are cute, funny, and give you a look at what it might be like in an alien’s mind if he were trying to live as a human. Pyle has created a runaway hit with his simple comics that reframe everyday life in the literal language of his cute alien protagonists.

Bake Some Alien Cookies

Astronaut and alien cookies.

This collection of cookie-cutters and molds will allow you to make some delicious alien treats to enjoy while you watch Ancient Aliens. You can make and decorate cookies, or use the molds to create fondant decorations for cupcakes. Enjoy your sugar rush!

Enjoy Your Libations in a UFO Mug

"I Want to Believe" on a mug with an image of a flying saucer on it.
Artisan Owl

Whether you’re an X-files fan or not, you’ll likely find something to enjoy in this mug. “I Want to Believe” that you’ll use this delightful mug for coffee, tea, and even your favorite cold drinks. It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Cool Off with Alien Ice Cubes

3D alien ice cubes with a glass of whiskey.

If you’re enjoying a chilled beverage in your UFO mug, add some “cool” aliens to your drink with this alien skull ice mold. The creepy mold is BPA-free and easy to clean right in the dishwasher. To get even more enjoyment, drop these chilly cubes in a clear glass of liquid to see their true spooky beauty.

A Fun T-Shirt

T-shirt with aliens that reads "Aliens Don't Believe In You Either."
Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co.

Pick your preferred size from small to 3X, then show off the fact that maybe aliens aren’t that different from humans. Whether or not you believe in aliens, this hilarious t-shirt is hard to resist.

Test Your Alien Invasion Survival Skills

The "One Night Ultimate Alien" box cover.
Bézier Games

Find out how you’d do in an alien invasion with the “One Night Ultimate Alien” tabletop game. It’s the perfect party game, so you’ll want to be sure you have at least three other people to play.

Some Vintage Alien Gaming

"Space Invaders" Micro Arcade game.
Micro Arcade

Of course, you can always go vintage and fight some aliens in Space Invaders. This Micro Arcade version measures just 3 x 2 inches (yeah, it’s definitely micro!). It might be small, but you’ll still feel like you’re at the arcade shooting aliens on a full-size game station.

Cute Alien Book with Decor

Cute mini light featuring a cow being abducted by a UFO and a book on cow abductions.
RP Minis

This kitschy little light is a must-have for alien fanatics. Not only does it have cool blue spaceship lights, it also plays eerie music and the cow moos. The little book by Matt Smiriglio contains 32 pages of information on cow abductions.

Take an Alien with You Everywhere

Green alien Popsocket.
Aliens and UFO Extraterrestrial Gifts

PopSockets make it easier to hold your phone and balance it on your desk. Show off your alien appreciation this year with this clever green alien PopSocket. He’ll always be with you, no matter where you’re headed—even if you’re abducted.

These entertaining alien products are sure to bring some joy into your life. Have fun with them at home, or proclaim your alien obsession everywhere with your fashionable tee and funky PopSocket.

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