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12 Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes That Aren’t Drugstore Chocolates

heart shaped cocoa bombs, beef jerky box, and mini cupcakes
Etsy/Man Crates/Baked By Melissa

If you’re looking for a more unique gift this year, these Valentine’s Day gift boxes are filled with delicious treats that are a step up from drugstore chocolates.

It’s easy to default to the cliche Valentine’s Day gifts: a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. And, hey, nothing against drugstore chocolates, of course—any kind of chocolate truffle is a good chocolate truffle, in our opinion—but sometimes you want to gift someone something that feels more personalized and special.

Buying someone a different kind of gift box for Valentine’s Day is fun and unexpected, and it just shows that you put a little extra effort into their gift. All of the following options are ready for delivery, delicious, and perfect for the holiday.

Vesta Signature Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookies Set

a box of brownies and cookies

If you still want to gift some kind of chocolate, then check out the Vesta Signature Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies set. Vesta is a bean-to-bonbon craft chocolate factory and cafe that makes chocolate from organic cacao beans sweetened with unrefined and organic Panela sugar. The result is delicious artisanal craft chocolate.

The box contains four cacao sea salt brownies and eight of the brand’s signature bean-to-bar chocolate chip cookies. Each item is individually wrapped for easy sharing if necessary, and it comes in a pretty box.

La Monarca Bakery Mexican Chocolate Dunkin Set

Mexican hot chocolate and cookies from La Monarca Bakery.
La Monarca Bakery

Another unique spin on chocolate is this La Monarca Bakery Mexican Chocolate Dunkin Set. La Monarca aims to create authentic Mexican baked goods and chocolate made with fresh ingredients with no preservatives and trans fat added.

Everything truly is so good, and this hot chocolate set is perfect for cold winter days. This set includes a tin of their Mexican hot chocolate made with fair-trade cacao and their exclusive blend of ingredients. A small bag of Mexican cinnamon cookies is the best for dunking.

Milk Bar Assorted Truffle Box

An assortment of truffles from Milk Bar.
Milk Bar

If you’ve never had Milk Bar truffles, you’re missing out on something amazing. The famous bakery is known for unique sweet treats, and its truffles are unbelievably delicious. So, it’s safe to say that gifting the Milk Bar Assorted Truffle Box is always a good idea.

This Valentine’s Day friendly box includes a mix of their best-sellers: Of course, there are some of their cult classic Cake Truffles (they will change your life), but there are also Chocolate B’Day and limited edition Red Velvet Truffles.

Man Crates Jerky Heart

A Valentine's Day box of beef jerky.
Man Crates

For those who prefer savory to sweet, there’s the Man Crates Jerky Heart. It’s a heart-shaped box that looks like it’s going to be your regular old chocolates, but then you open it up to find a variety of beef jerky.

The heart comes with 10 different jerky bits, including classic options, spicy options like ghost pepper, and some more unique flavors like whiskey maple and sesame ginger. It’s a great variety pack to try different flavors, and the presentation is just really cute overall.

Baked By Melissa February Fix Cupcakes

A box of mini cupcakes for Valentine's Day
Baked By Melissa

It’s hard to go wrong with a box of cupcakes, especially when they’re made by Baked By Melissa. This famous New York City-based bakery is known for its teeny-tiny bite-sized cupcakes, which are adorably decorated and always delicious.

Their February Fix box is decorated for Valentine’s Day and comes with 25 mini cupcakes in a variety of six flavors: chocolate blackout, dulce de leche, marshmallow, red velvet, salty chocolate caramel, and strawberry cheesecake. Plus, for every box purchased, they’ll donate $1 to Good Grief, a charity that fund peer support programs for children, teens, young adults, and families who have lost a family member.

Sugarfina Love Letters Candy Tasting Box

box of love letter candies

This Sugarfina Love Letters Candy Tasting Box is packed with a variety of amazing candies, but it’s also so adorable that it basically screams, “Instagram photo!” Instead of your usual chocolate heart, this box looks like a little box stuffed with small love letters.

In each “love letter,” there’s a short and sweet note, as well as a corresponding Valentine’s Day candy from the brand’s limited-edition collection. So, for example, the “kiss me” envelope is filled with Sugar Lips, while the “cheers to us” envelope is filled with Champagne Bears. There are 16 mini tasters with 4 pieces of candy in each.

Popcorn Factory’s Strawberry Champagne Popcorn

A bucket of "champagne" sweet popcorn from The Popcorn Factory.
The Popcorn Factory

This Bursting With Love Popcorn Factory Popcorn Pail is the best mix of salty and sweet. It’s filled with 8 cups of their Strawberry Champagne Popcorn, which is a fruity mix of strawberries and champagne over popcorn.

Not only is the popcorn great, but the metal tin is handy and reusable, so when they’re done with the popcorn, they can use the tin for storage.

Heart Cocoa Bombs

heart shaped candies

One of this winter’s most popular treats has been hot chocolate bombs, which look cute and make for a great cup of hot cocoa. Put a Valentine’s Day spin on them with these Heart Cocoa Bombs made by Etsy user MASKbyAva.

These handmade heart cocoa bombs are so beautiful to look at that you might not even want to use them. But you should, because they’re filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows (and the Oreo ones have Oreo cookie crumbles), and when you pour hot water or milk over them, the bomb “explodes,” creating the perfect cup.

Mouth Big Love Box

box of assorted snacks

Mouth makes the most unique snack boxes filled with unexpected treats that are always high quality and worth the money. This Mouth Big Love Box was specially curated for Valentine’s Day and contains some delicious artisanal, small-batch snacks.

It comes with buttery heart-shaped cookies, apple cider caramels, sparkling wine-infused chocolate, berry-flavored pate de fruit (basically adult gummies), and more. And if that’s enough, you can also upgrade your box with additions like real strawberry lollipops or Parisian hot cocoa packets.

Tavour Sample IPA Gift Box Set

A sample of IPA beers.

Tavour is a craft beer curation and delivery service focused on bringing cool beers from craft breweries right to your door—and they also have a pretty great gift box selection. If you’re buying for someone who prefers beers to sweets, then this Tavour Sample IPA Gift Box Set makes a thoughtful option.

This gift box contains 3-6 independently brewed craft beers, and the choices depend on which are their highest rated at that moment. It’s a surprise, which is fun, and everything is guaranteed to go down smooth, no matter what the flavor is. And if the punchy flavor of IPAs is not your sweetheart’s beer flavor profile of choice, no worries! You can grab any of Tavour’s other gift boxes instead!

Olivieri 1882 Valentine’s Cake

heart shaped panettone cake
Olivieri 1882

Opt for an Italian take on Valentine’s Day treats with this Olivieri 1882 Valentine’s Cake. If you like panettone, which is a sweet bread from Italy, then you’ll love this: Olivieri is a celebrated Italian bakery and they pride themselves on their award-winning panettone.

This treat is a heart-shaped leavened cake made with the same dough they use for their award-winning Panettone bread, which is made with natural and top quality raw materials like half-candied wild strawberries. It comes in a cute box that requires zero wrapping.

The Manly Man Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

beef jerky shaped like flower bouquet
The Manly Man

Another option for Valentine’s Day beer jerky is this: The Manly Man Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet. It’s exactly what it sounds like, which is beef jerky made to look like a bouquet of flowers.

This full dozen set is prearranged to look like an impressive bouquet of roses made of meat, and it’s totally edible. It comes in four flavors (original, teriyaki, hot, mixed), and comes in a beer mug vase that can obviously be used for beer once it’s been washed. Two gifts in one!

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