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9 Plants to Add Some Zen to Your Bedroom

tri-fold of jasmine, lavender, and peace lily plants
Perfect Plants/Rolling Greens/American Plant Exchange

There are plenty of reasons to incorporate plants into your home décor. First, they’re beautiful and will help you feel closer to nature. But if you’re looking to find your Zen, consider adding one or two of these plants to your nightstand.

In addition to making a room feel like a nature sanctuary, the houseplants below have relaxing scents that might help you feel calmer at night. Their air-purifying qualities could also improve your breathing while you’re catching your Z’s. Some can even be used in teas or skincare products to supplement your nighttime routine.


The Back to the Roots Lavender Kit.
Back to the Roots

Lavender-scented products have been popular for their calming properties for years. Many people feel it helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. Some have suggested it can improve sleep quality, have a calming effect on individuals who breathe in the scent, and even help soothe fussy infants.

In addition to adding lavender-scented beauty products to your bedtime routine, keep the actual plant near your bed. Its distinctive aroma may help you relax as you’re winding down for the evening.

This plant prefers warm, bright light, so it’s best placed in a windowsill or somewhere that gets direct sunlight. Once you’ve found the right environment, they only need to be watered once or twice a week. This kit comes complete with lavender seeds, a Mason jar, an organic soil blend, and two fertilizer spikes. In just two short weeks, you’ll have a flourishing plant.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plant
American Plant Exchange

Peace lilies are absolutely beautiful. Their simple white shape will add a sense of peace and tranquility to any space. They don’t need much light or watering, which makes them perfect for a bedroom you only use to relax and sleep.

Plus, in 1989, NASA conducted a study to find the houseplants most successful at purifying indoor air and put this plant on their top 10 list. Peace lilies can be toxic when consumed by children or pets, so keep it out of reach of either.

You can order this one from Amazon for a quick and convenient way to bring this beauty to your home.


Three jars growing plants near windowsill
Karma Kiss

Chamomile teas are popular to drink before bedtime, so why not have the flower itself in your room? The pleasant scent will add tranquility to your bedroom and the cheery blooms will add brightness.

Plus, some studies have shown positive correlations between chamomile essential oils and reduced stress. This plant thrives on frequent watering, but will survive brief drought periods if you forget.

This fun kit lets you grow a small chamomile plant in a jar that’s cute and easy to maintain.

English Ivy

English Ivy
American Plant Exchange

Also on NASA’s list of purifying plants is English Ivy. It grows quickly and will turn your bedroom into a lush garden if you let it. This ivy is easy to maintain as long as it gets enough sunlight and the soil stays moist. The video below covers everything you need to know about making this a houseplant.

So, grab a 6-inch pot of ivy and watch as it brightens up your room.


Jasmine plant
Perfect Plants

Hailing from Asia, this plant has a soothing effect that may help you relax before bed. This scent is popular in essential oils, incense, and candles because of its calming properties. One recent study has even suggested jasmine can serve as a mood enhancer, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it nearby.

These plants can grow in a pot or hanging basket and don’t take much maintenance. They thrive with just 6-8 hours of sunlight per day and should be watered about once a week. Jasmine is extremely toxic to animals, though, so keep it out of reach of pets.

Snake Plant

Snake plant against wall
Costa Farms

Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue,’ this plant is a great low-maintenance addition to your bedroom. They’re basically impossible to kill and are known for their ability to absorb toxins in the air.

A pop of color, fresh air, and minimal worry about caring for it? This is the perfect bedroom plant for someone hoping to reduce their stress levels. You can choose from various sizes and pots at the Costa Farms store on Amazon.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant on table
Costa Farms

Aloe vera is a succulent, so it requires very little watering to keep alive. It also looks nice and has many of the air purifying qualities that other plants on this list have. This magical plant has a long list of uses in addition to improving air quality, including skincare and hydration.

It’ll do best in a location with access to natural light, but that isn’t blasted by the sun. This plant by Costa Farms is mature and ready to be placed in any room.

Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree

“Bonsai” actually refers to a Japanese art form that literally means “planted in a container.” Over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese began creating miniature landscapes as art to gain magical properties from nature.

The Japanese later adapted the art form and turned it into what we recognize today, which is the practice of maintaining small trees. Yes, bonsai are real trees that would grow hundreds of feet tall if left alone!

With careful care, though, your bonsai tree will remain small enough to keep inside. Check out the video below to learn more about the ritual and cultural significance of the bonsai.

It’s believed that bonsai trees bring peace and tranquility to the home, both of which we could all use at bedtime.

Although these plants aren’t difficult to keep alive, they do require specific maintenance to ensure they stay the appropriate size. You can find plenty of tips online to keep yours healthy. This tree from 9GreenBox is a great option for beginners.


side by side photos of valerian plants
The Growers Exchange

These perennial flowers emit a soothing scent that may help you feel more relaxed. The sweet smell complements the soft pink and white blossoms that will add some color to your bedroom.

The plant has long been used to help promote sleep, and valerian root is a common addition to natural sleep aids. (Always talk to your doctor before trying any sleep medication.)

It needs plenty of bright sunlight and frequent watering with a well-draining pot. You can find fully mature plants here.

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