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9 Fun and Romantic Conversation Card Decks for Couples

Our Moments/Loopy/Flowjo

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to spark some interesting conversations and do a little relationship building, it’s tough to beat these card decks. Grab one (or all!) of our top picks!

Not only is Valentine’s Day right around the corner but February is also Relationship Wellness Month. Whether you’re just looking for something new and fun to do or you really want to dig in and do some deep communication, these decks—filled with thoughtful and fun prompts—are a great way to do it.

Below we’ve rounded up our favorites with an eye towards offering you great options that range from light and playful (and even a little risque) to more serious and reflective.

Learn the Language of Love

Woman holding a Love Language conversation card.

Like most games for couples, the Love Language card game inspires you to communicate more and ask questions. There are five different categories covered in this set of conversation cards. You and your significant other can focus on one topic, or you can choose to mix them together and see where the draw takes you.

The topics covered include intimacy, family, and your past and future. There are 150 total conversation starter cards inside this little but powerful package.

Inspire Some Extra Quality Time

A couple with a couples deck of Our Moments cards.
Our Moments

Spend quality time together on your next date night learning more about each other. The Our Moments cards will inspire both of you to look deep within to answer each card’s questions.

The company has carved out somewhat of a card-prompt empire with decks focused on everything from friends to inter-generational family talks, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a polished product from a company with a lot

Find More Intimacy in Your Relationship

Intimacy card deck spread out on a table.

Intimacy isn’t about what’s going on behind the closed door of your bedroom; it’s about your connection with each other. The Intimacy cards are meant to help you get that connection and maybe better connect with yourself as well. These thoughtful questions are meant to deepen your relationship and help you be more open with your partner.

Enjoy Deeper Conversations

Loopy Conversation Starter cards on a table.

Loopy has 210 cards that delve into relationships from three angles—yourself, your partner, and the two of you together. Each question helps you get to know each other, get to know yourself, and show how much you already know about your partner.

Some questions are light-hearted, and others touch base on serious topics, like life goals and personal fulfillment.

Rekindle Your Longtime Romance

Couple Reconnect cards in the box.
Life Sutra

If you and your partner have been together for a decade or longer, the questions in Couple Reconnect are meant for you. A psychologist created this card game specifically with an emphasis on fostering reconnection between established couples with questions geared towards mature relationships.

So if you’re worried that questions in some of these decks might be a bit too Newlywed Game for you and your partner, this deck is worth taking for a spin.

Talk About The Things That Embarrass You and More

The 66 Uncover To Discover Couples Card Game.
Cards With a Kick

While many of the decks on this list are serious and spark deep conversations, this deck of cards makes light of getting to know your partner better and spending more time talking.

Not only are there silly questions, but there are “twist” cards that make you talk like a supervillain and other fun and silly things. 66 Uncover to Discover is the perfect deck for couples who want to laugh together more.

Get To Know Your Partner and Your Friends

The Ultimate Game for Couples box.
Ultimate Game for Couples

Not all couples games have to be serious—if you want something with a little more fun and excitement, check out The Ultimate Game for Couples. Not only will this game inspire one-on-one conversations with your partner, but you can also invite another couple over and compete to see which couple knows each other the best.

Find Things to Do Together

Art supplies and a card from The Couple's Bucket List card game.

The Couple’s Bucket List game is a great way to get motivated to do things with your partner. You’re not asking questions; rather, you’re picking a card that tells you to do something. The cards include prompts like: cook for each other, make art together, or share your favorite movies with one another.

If you’re always struggling to think of new date night ideas or creative things to do for giving holidays, this deck of inspiring cards will give you all the ideas you need.

Add a Little More Action to Romantic Questions

Photos of the card game "Talk, Flirt, Dare!"

Want to mix it up a little? Talk, Flirt, Dare! is a three-deck game that allows you to turn up the heat by shifting from one deck to the next. The “talk” deck is filled with questions focused on deeper topics. The “flirt” deck is focused more on, well, flirtatious topics about romance.

And finally, the “dare” deck is a more risque deck focused on actions and intimacy. It’s a fun design and a solid value because you can dial in your experience by using a deck solo or mixing them together.

Each of these decks of cards offers something different for couples who want to do more together, including bonding and communicating. Your significant other will love finding out that you want to learn more about them, and the cards make for great at-home date night fun.

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