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7 Accessories to Cozy Up Your Kitchen

Tan cushioned benches by Nathan James, wooden mug racks by Olakee, and a distressed kitchen rug by ReaLife.
Nathan James/Olakee/ReaLife

The kitchen wears many hats. It’s a space for friends and family to gather and break bread, as well as the spot for homework, sorting mail, and eating snacks. With a few accessories, though, you can easily add more comfort and coziness to the heart of your home.

Whether you love (or hate) cooking, your kitchen is also the center of your family’s day-to-day routine. From bringing in a little greenery to creating a warm ambiance with just the right lighting, you’ll love how the small upgrades below can enhance your home.

So, get ready to make your kitchen cozier and more inviting! Who knows? You might abandon the living room altogether.

Cushioned Bar Stools

Three natural wooden stools with tan fabric cushions, and three natural dark wooden stools with dark brown leather cushions.
Nathan James

If you find yourself planted on old wooden bar stools each day, paying bills or working through piles of homework, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Cushioned counter stools have an inviting look and definitely add comfort.

These Nathan James stools come in 12 designs, so you can pick the one that best matches your cupboards, walls, or color scheme.

They have four-inch-thick cushioned seats and footrests for additional comfort and support. The light-colored stools offer a minimalistic and modern feel, but if you have little ones, you might want to go darker so they won’t stain as easily.

Windowsill Herb Planters

An herb planter by Barnyard Designs, placed directly on the counter with fresh herbs blooming full.
Barnyard Designs

Brighten up your kitchen (and meals) with a year-round windowsill herb garden. You’ll benefit from having fresh herbs any time of year, and they look adorable, too.

Bringing nature inside can have a huge impact on how you feel. Natural greenery is known to lower your heart rate and stress levels. Plus, they can help boost productivity, which is super beneficial when you find yourself working at the counter.

Lavender- and Thyme-Scented Candles

The Mind and Body Serenity + Calm candle surrounded by sprigs and leaves of dried lavender.
Chesapeake Bay Candle

If you hope to create a more soothing environment, the long-lasting scent of calming lavender can really help. It’s a great way to add warmth to your home when the pots and pans are at rest and the kitchen needs a little aromatic oomph.

We love using the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body candles to bring a sense of balance and serenity via essential oils and naturalistic scents. This is a great candle to light when the kids are napping, and you have a moment of quiet to yourself—and yes, we know those moments are few and far between.

Cozy Kitchen Rugs

A runner rug between an island and kitchen counters, and a large distressed rug under a dining room table.

Kitchen rugs tend to be one of those love-or-hate accessories. Many of us tend to stick with tiles or wood flooring, but you’d be surprised what a rug can do for both your kitchen and your bod.

From minimizing back and foot pain to providing a pop of color to drab décor, the benefits might outweigh any hesitancy. We love these vintage distressed rugs for so many reasons. They’re eco-friendly, nonslip, and machine washable.

If you aren’t into the idea of cozy rugs, though, at least check out some anti-fatigue mats to give your legs and back a break.

Faux Plants

White and black triangle hanging planters.

While we love the idea of adding brightness to your home via herbaceous gardens or hanging plants, we understand it’s not for everyone. Houseplants require regular maintenance, and not everyone has the time to care for these delicate things.

Enter artificial plants, the perfect substitute for busy homemakers and workers, alike. Modern artificial plants look super realistic, as long as you steer clear of those at the dollar stores.

You can fit them in any space that needs a little jazzing up, without worrying about sunlight. Plus, your pets won’t eat them, so it’s a win-win! They’ll also add a comforting feel to your kitchen. These modern, minimalistic planters are the perfect way to add some low-maintenance greenery.

A Cute Mug Holder

A wooden mug rack in two different configurations holding various coffee mugs.

Most of us wake up and immediately make our way to the coffee pot for that morning cup of joe. Building a cozy corner for your favorite mugs is a lovely way to create a soothing, inviting area for yourself and others.

Let’s face it, when you know you can grab a cup of coffee any time, you know you’re truly home. This rustic coffee rack set is perfect for your java display. It’ll also save you cabinet and counter space, plus the natural wood design will really liven up your décor. It’s also just really cute.

A Small Accent Lamp

Two Aooshine accent lamps.

Warm illumination from the right lamps is an excellent way to create a cozy kitchen. Bright and beaming natural lights are excellent when cooking and getting work done, but the right ambiance is key when you want to enjoy a delicious meal.

These little accent lamps are both simplistic and elegant. The natural colors make them a nice fit for most kitchens. Also, because they’re small, you can stick these in any nook or cranny to create a cozier atmosphere.

A few small changes can sometimes have the greatest impact on your décor, and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! These easy, renter-friendly picks will help you create a kitchen atmosphere no one will want to leave.

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