Save Time at the Store with This Eco-Friendly Grocery Hack

Series of images showing a cart full of groceries, two empty laundry baskets in a car trunk, and the same baskets full of groceries.

Hauling your reusable bags into the grocery store and bagging your own items can be exhausting. That’s precisely why a new hack has gone viral on TikTok, and it’s just as eco-friendly as your reusable bags, but without the time commitment.

The hack was posted by TikTok content creator @1980sgamer. The video shows him heading into the grocery store to shop. At checkout, though, he doesn’t put his items in reusable bags. Instead, he just chucks them back into his cart and walks past all the people wasting time bagging on his way out.

When he reaches his vehicle, he pops the trunk to reveal two laundry bins, into which he tosses all his groceries! When he gets home, all he has to do is carry the baskets inside and put everything away—no bagging or unbagging required! Afterward, you just wipe down the baskets and put them back in the car for the next trip.


This is the best grocery shopping hack yet! It just keeps getting better. #aldishopping #bagless #laundrybasket #plasticbags

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If you shop at Costco or ALDI, you’ve probably already been doing this for ages. If you do your food shopping somewhere like Kroger or Walmart, though, you’re likely sick to death of your disinfectant wipes and reusable bags by now. If so, this hack is a welcome way to simplify your shopping trips.

Of course, you could also skip the whole process and just have your groceries delivered. Food (ha ha) for thought!


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