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Tackle Your Daily Tasks with These Great To-Do Lists

A Daily To-Do List journal, notebook, and sticky pad.
Bright Day Calendars/June and Lucy/Zonon

To-do lists are the perfect way to boost your productivity and ensure you get everything done that needs done. Having just the right list, though, can add a bit more pep and an easier flow to your daily routine.

If you don’t regularly make a to-do list, you might be surprised to learn they have health-related benefits, including reducing anxiety and decluttering your mind. Rather than just writing a bulleted list of daily goals in a basic, boring notebook, consider investing in a cool preprinted to-do list.

There are tons of choices to fit your style and specific needs. Below are some of our favorites, whether you’re new to the process or a veteran list-lover.

Get “Productive AF” with This Memo Pad

Productive AF to-do list on a desk.
Bliss Collections

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of making your to-do list is much easier when it tells you, in a not-so-friendly way, to get it together and get to work! That’s what makes this an excellent list.

Aside from separating the basic to-do list items from those that must be done on any given day, this list also has a “To Buy” section, which is great for the grocery store or online shopping. The coolest aspect, however, is the “productivity assessment” scorer at the bottom, which allows you to judge how well you did.

Take Your To-Do List On the Go

To-do list notebooks stacked on a table.

From your desk to the car, and from the car to the store, this to-do list can go with you anywhere. Not only is it travel-size, but it’ll also fit right in your pocket like a field journal. It’s especially ideal for folks who travel or are constantly on the road.

A five-pack of these notebooks is also extremely affordable, so stock up and ensure your lists always get the attention they deserve.

Get Organized with This To-Do Notebook

A person writing in their to-do list notebook.
Bright Day Calendars

This amazing notebook combines to-do lists with a bit of a planner feel. It’s beautiful, so you can bet it’ll bring joy to your workspace. Not only does each page have a to-do list, but you can also track your meals and fitness.

An “It’s on the List” Tear-Off Notepad

A page from the "It's on the List" notepad.
Bliss Collections

Bliss Collections comes in with yet another wonderful to-do list to help you ensure you get all of your projects and chores done each day. The “It’s on the List” tear-off pad has a “To Do” and “To Buy” section.

It also includes sections for important emails, calls, and things you need to pick up.

Add Some Cute to Your To-Do Lists

No Prob Llama cover and inside.
June and Lucy

Completing your to-do list will be no prob llama with this totally adorable notebook. It features a basic to-do section, as well as a “priority” section for the stuff you really need to get done.

The coolest bonus of this notebook (aside from the cute little llama), is you get a blank page for each day where you can jot down other stuff, like phone numbers or shopping lists.

To-Do List Sticky Notes

Person writing out their weekly to-do list.

If you don’t really make lengthy to-do lists, get something that lets you focus on shorter, more focused lists. These nifty sticky notes allow you to hone your list down to a more achievable size. These are perfect for those who don’t have 20 projects they need to get every day.

There are six different to-do focuses in these handy notes, including a daily or weekly plan of action, what you need to buy, your goals, and one to keep track of ideas.

You’ll have better luck getting through your daily plans with any of these handy, ready-made to-do lists. Unlike your basic scrap of paper or three-ring binder, these help you jot down and organize your tasks more quickly, so you can dive right into what you need get done each day.

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