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9 Books with Absolutely Gripping Plot Twists

Tri-fold of We Were Liars, The Silent Patient, and Shutter Island book covers
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Even when it makes you throw the book across the room, there’s nothing like a good story with a juicy plot twist to spice things up. From psychological thrillers to murder mysteries, these reads will have you yelling “WHAT?” at the top of your lungs when you turn the final pages.

But don’t worry—no spoilers ahead—just be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions that ends with you talking about these books for weeks after you finish them.

We Were Liars

A distinguished family seems perfect from the outside but there are clearly secrets being hidden that could ruin their lives. When the main character in We Were Liars finally finds out what has pulled her family apart, your jaw will be on the floor. This book is the definition of a “page-turner” and will keep you on your toes until the very end.

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door starts with a couple that seems to have it all—a perfect relationship, a new baby, and a beautiful home. Suddenly finding themselves at the center of a crime, the twists begin early and don’t stop. Every page reveals new secrets that will have you shaking your head in disbelief until the ending, where you’ll probably drop the book out of shock.

Sharp Objects

Now an HBO limited series, Sharp Objects is a psychological thriller is about a girl who returns home to investigate unsolved crimes in the area. You can imagine the possibilities for twists and turns, but you’ll never imagine the ending. The book is addictive and riveting from beginning to end.

The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient tells the story of a psychologist trying to figure out why his patient went from a perfect life to killing her husband and refusing to speak again. As he unravels her life, he’ll go down a path he never saw coming. As the reader, you’ll be pulled into his experience and feel yourself unnervingly invested in finding the truth.

The Girl on the Train

This book is both riveting and emotionally exhausting (in a good way). After witnessing a shocking incident at a home she passes every day on the train, the protagonist gets caught up in the lives of a couple she has only seen from afar. You think you know where The Girl on the Train going, but you really don’t.

Shutter Island

You may have already seen the movie, but if you haven’t, Shutter Island is one of the most well-known plot-twist stories in recent history. When a patient disappears from the prison/hospital that dominates the island, two U.S. Marshals travel there to investigate. This novel is full of mysteries within mysteries and a twist at the end you’ll need a while to wrap your head around.

The Woman in Cabin 10

A woman witnesses a murder on a ship but the next morning all passengers are accounted for and no one knows what she is talking about. The Woman in Cabin 10  is a thrilling story that will keep you on your toes as you struggle with the protagonist to figure out what happened. The ending will boggle the minds of even the most astute readers.

Elizabeth is Missing

The main character in Elizabeth is Missing is a woman with dementia who is convinced her friend Elizabeth is missing and in danger. No one believes her because of her condition and she grows more and more desperate as a result. New clues reveal twists in every chapter that will leave you obsessed with the chase until the very end.

In a Dark, Dark Wood

After receiving a bachelorette party invitation from an old friend, the protagonist of In a Dark, Dark Wood heads deep into the English countryside and eventually learns the real reason behind her invite. The spine-tingling story will compel you to keep the pages turning until you finally figure out what’s going on.

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