Buy Girl Scout Cookies from Troop 6000 and Help Homeless Families

A basket full of boxes Girl Scout Cookies sitting on a porch.
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In case you haven’t heard (and you probably have), it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! If you’re longing for some Thin Mints but don’t know a girl scout, you can order from Troop 6000. Based out of New York City, this troop is composed of girls in the shelter system.

Created specifically for girls and families who are working to find more permanent housing, Troop 6000’s purpose is to provide a sense of community and empowerment. The girls meet every week in 20 different shelters across the city with different troop leaders.

Like all other troops, the girls can earn badges for everything from STEM education and life skills, to more artisitic achievements, like gardening, writing, or painting.

If you want to help them out, you can purchase cookies from Troop 6000 online. The proceeds go directly to the girls. The funding helps them buy uniforms, go on field trips, and earn badges through activities.

Plus, you’ll be assisting in the expansion of the program to allow more shelters in the city to participate and more girls to join.

If you need some Samoas in your life or can’t wait to get some Thin Mints in the freezer, Troop 6000 is the perfect place to stock up this cookie season!

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