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Plants and Pets Are the Most Popular Icebreakers on Tinder

Two retrievers holding one long stem red rose in their mouths.
Zuzanna Paluch/Shutterstock

Last year threw a real wrench in the online dating game, but people are still chatting on popular apps. If you need a good way to break the ice, leading with your pets or plants is a good bet, according to Tinder.

The service shared with Apartment Therapy that two of the biggest topics of conversation last year were gardening and furbabies. In bios, the service noted a 65% increase in the use of the plant emoji from 2019-20. The use of the word “plant” also increased by 51%, via phrases like “proud plant mom” and “plant daddy.”

In addition to bragging about greenery, people were also excited to discuss their pets. According to the data, the number of people discussing dogs and cats rose throughout 2020, with most of the mentions occurring in winter 2020. This seems to coincide with the boom in pet adoptions that occurred a few months into the pandemic.

Several months later, even more people had likely adopted animals. There were increased mentions of both cats and dogs all year, with dogs receiving the largest number of bio nods.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a partner, and you love gardening, cats, dogs, or all three, be sure to include it all in your bio!

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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