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9 Cute Hats to Deal with Bad Hair Days

Three women modeling different hats: a straw wide-brim, a red beret, and a black newsboy cap

Everyone has one of those days when dealing with their hair is, well, too much to deal with. That’s where hats come in. Stylish, colorful, and unique, a hat can add polish and flair to any outfit while also helping you get a handle on hair that’s not in the best shape.

No matter what the season is or what your personal style is, there’s a hat out there that can turn a bad hair day into a great fashion day! These are just a few of the hats we love for jazzing up an outfit and dealing with unpredictable hair.

This Super Floppy Straw Hat

A woman in a sundress and a straw hat standing in front of a yellow flowering bush

Who doesn’t love a great straw hat? The FURTALK Floppy Straw Beach Hat takes the floppy, beachy straw style to the next level with an extra-wide brim. Thanks to its flexible, floppy style, it’s easy to roll up and store without taking up too much space, but it bounces right back when it’s time to wear it. Simple touches like a velcro band inside the hat and an adjustable chin strap allow you to tweak the hat to fit you perfectly.

On top of its aesthetic appeal, this hat has actual sun protection built-in. The tightly woven straw and the wide brim provide up to UPF 50+ sun protection, giving you an extra layer of defense against even the brightest summer rays.

A Classic Newsboy Cap

A redhaired white woman is shown in profile, wearing a blue striped shirt and a black newsboy cap

The classic newsboy cap never goes out of style, so if you’re looking for a little timeless flair, try the Accsa Women’s Newsboy Cap. The hat is fully lined and just loose-fitting enough to get that deliberately slouchy, slightly retro vibe. It even comes in up to fifteen different colors—pick a neutral or two to go with everything, or grab a colorful cap in your favorite shade!

This Fedora with a Stylish Touch

A tan fedora sitting on a bed, and a side view of a brunette woman wearing a black fedora

Sometimes, a classic felt fedora needs a little dressing up. That’s what we love about the Lisianthus Belt Buckle Fedora: it’s the structured style you love, with a skinny belt around the brim. Fedoras are a great choice for dealing with a bad hair day: They’re large enough to make a statement and cover most of your head, while still having some shape and style of their own.

We love the little details that really elevate this particular fedora. The skinny “belt” and buckle around the brim of the hat adds a little extra polish, while the broad range of colors allows you to pick from far beyond the usual neutrals.

This Cute Straw Cowboy Hat

A white blonde woman wearing a light-colored straw cowboy hat
Wallaroo Hat Company

If your only image of a cowboy hat is a dusty old hat in a Western movie, think again! The Wallaroo Hat Company Modern Cowboy Hat puts a new spin on the classic shape. Instead of the old-fashioned look with brown or black felt, this Australian-inspired style uses natural raffia to create a lighter, brighter look with the same high crown and upturned brim you’re used to seeing.

It’s all about the details on this cowboy hat. Two different color schemes are available, with different colors of raffia, suece, and beads. Along the brim, instead of a typical wrap of ribbon or a leather piece, two multicolored strands of suede are braided together, with a few round wooden beads, giving it that pop of color and extra unique look.

A Basic Bucket Hat

Two women wearing bucket hats - one wearing a berry red hat, one wearing a gray hat
The Hat Depot

For the days when you just want something simple and straightforward, The Hat Depot’s Unisex Bucket Hat is the obvious choice. It’s a cool, comfy hat made from 100% cotton, perfect for a spring or summer day and easy to roll up and store. Bucket hats, with their deep crown and mid-sized brim, work on most face shapes and can easily conceal frustrating hair days. Although the hat itself is as simple as can be, you can add plenty of personality thanks to a few dozen different patterns and colors available!

This Beanie with a Fluffy Pom

Women wearing knit beanies with fur poms on top.

For bad hair days during the colder months, you can’t beat the FURTALK Knitted Beanie with Pom. Not only does it help keep you warm during chilly weather, but it neatly tucks away messy hair, two-day hair, or those bangs that haven’t quite grown out yet. The warm, soft acrylic yarn makes for a cozy hat, while the perky, fluffy pom on top adds a fun, fashionable touch. Choose from beautiful neutrals or bright colors, in several different combinations with complementary poms.

This Beret/Newsboy Hybrid Hat

A brunette woman wearing a black newsboy cap against a brown wall

Poufier than a typical newsboy cap, larger-brimmed than your favorite beret, the Comhats Beret Newsboy Hat is a stylish hybrid that combines the best of both shapes. Made from a wool/polyester blend, the cap has a draped, slightly poufed crown with a retro, 1920s style to it, and the sturdier, wider brim gives a unique silhouette.

The hat also comes with a comfortable lining and a moisture-wicking band inside, making it even more comfortable to wear! There are over a dozen patterns and colors to choose from, mostly in neutrals with a few bold colors and subtle patterns mixed in to customize it for your closet.

This Classic Wool Beret

A woman wearing a white sweater with a blue stripe and a red wool beret

It doesn’t get much more stylish than a classic beret, like this Gllutt Wool Beret! Made from cozy, breatheable wool, the beret features a classic, lightly poufy shape with a little “point” at the very top. The bottom of the beret is rolled under, so it’s also possible to unroll it for a beret-style beanie! With dozens of colors to choose from, it’s a must-have beret that tops off any outfit, anytime for just a little bit of chic.

A Wide Straw Hat with a Bow

Women wearing wide-brim straw hats.
Jeff & Aimy

Adding a girly, detailed touch to the classic straw hat, the Jeff & Aimy Wide Brim Straw Hat features a light, woven straw with a statement bow and cutout. Rather than a full brim all the way around, the hat features a small cutout at the back, which lines up with where the wide, striped bow ties around. It’s the kind of detail that makes you feel like you’re living in high fashion, no matter what!

The hat, which features a deep crown and an angled, broad brim, also comes in alternative styles. These options move the bow to different parts of the hat, have a flatter bow, or lack the bow and/or the cutout altogether.

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