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Store Your Bulk Buys Safely with a Vacuum Sealer

The Vacbird, FoodSaver Two-in-One, and Geryon vacuum sealers.

Wanna breeze through batch cooking and save loads of money on bulk food purchases? Seal all your favorite meats and store them safely with any of these convenient vacuum sealers.

After you use a vacuum sealer, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! Unlike other kitchen gadgets and appliances, these handy helpers don’t take up much precious counter space. Plus, the investment is worth it, given the piles of cash you can save purchasing restaurant-quality steak and fish in bulk.

Before we delve into our favorite vacuum sealers, here are some tips to help you troubleshoot (or avoid) some common vacuum sealing issues:

  • Always pre-portion your bulk buys: Unless you plan to make enough chili to feed an army, separate all that bulk beef into half- or one-pound portions before freezing.
  • Pre-freeze meat before vacuum sealing: Do this for at least a few hours to keep the juices intact and kill any harmful bacteria that could cause food poisoning. It also prevents fluids from being drawn toward the bag’s opening during the vacuum sealing process.
  • Label bags before filling them: This way, you’ll know exactly what you made and when you vacuum sealed it. You want to do this first because it’s not easy to write on a lumpy bag filled with food. Plus, cold food might cause frost on the outside, which will ruin the tip of your marker.
  • Freeze food flat: This saves space and makes things much easier to keep organized.

Best Overall: FoodSaver Two-in-One

A woman placing various steaks in sealer bags, getting read to vacuum seal multiple cuts of beef, with a FoodSaver 2-in-1 on the counter next to her.

FoodSaver is a trusted brand that hit the market in the late ’80s and has since improved, ensuring quality for its customers and all their vacuum-sealing needs. The Two-in-One functions by removing air that causes freezer burn and rapid spoilage, using an automatic vacuum sealing system.

It features a built-in, handheld sealer designed to work in tandem with multiple FoodSaver accessories. Create an airtight vacuum seal on your mason jars using the jar kit accessories fit for regular (or wide-mouthed) lids to preserve, sauces, jams, and so much more.

The bottle stoppers are also a fantastic option for sealing opened bottles of wine and keeping out any oxygen.

The built-in storage and cutter mean you can make custom-sized bags to fit whatever you’re sealing with an LED light to help guide you along the way. We really love the automatic moisture detection that switches to the correct mode for a perfect airtight seal that won’t compromise the outcome.

It also comes equipped with a pull-out drawer and a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy cleanup.

This Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL) tested and certified appliance is backed by a five-year limited warranty, so you can get help with any hiccups along the way. Plus, this popular brand is available at many major stores, as well as online, so you can purchase accessories and bags just about anywhere.

Although the price is steeper than the other vacuum sealers on this list, you also get some bells and whistles you won’t with the others.

Best Value: Geryon Vacuum Sealer

A women putting her Geryon away in her kitchen cabinet.

The Geryon vacuum sealer has just about everything you need to save food, space, and money, all for an excellent price. This highly rated appliance also includes a starter kit with five precut bags, a vacuum roll for sizing your own, and a vacuum tube.

The accessory port and vacuum tube allow you to draw oxygen from unique Geryon canisters or wine bottles using the brand’s wine stoppers. Be sure to use the handy sealing modes designed to provide your food with the proper preservation needed.

If you make any messes, cleanup is super easy as the upper lid comes right up so you can wipe down the gaskets and vacuum chamber.

Best Handheld/Portable: Vacbird Vacuum Sealer

A small handheld vacbird with cherries, asparagus, fish and chips and sausage all placed around the product.

We love this little guy for camping for hunting trips. Take it with you on your next RV trip to help you safely store hot dogs and meat for your burgers.

This tiny gadget is perfect for anyone who’s looking to save space or just likes handheld devices rather than larger, automatic machines. We love that the Vacbird also comes with 10 reusable bags, which reviewers also rave about.

Whether you have meat, nuts, or fresh veggies and fruit to store, the Vacbird will seal it at the simple press of a button. If you prefer more straightforward products with minimal features, this one’s for you!

Most Compact: SLAOUWO Vacuum Sealer

A black Slaouwo vacuum sealer, that has just sealed a ribey steak, with two sealing rolls set behind the product, displayed on a white background.

If your living space is on the smaller side or you just need to save counter space, the SLAOUWO compact vacuum sealer is your machine.

This lightweight, sleek product’s dimensions (14.2 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches) make it extremely compact when compared with most of the others on our list. It has a much friendlier price tag, too. It’s also equipped with an external sliding blade, so you can cut whatever sized bags you need.

You can also choose a dry or moist food setting to ensure you get the perfect seal every time. You can easily store this compact sealer in any small space in your kitchen pantry, cabinet, or right on top of your fridge.

Whether you have 100 pounds of game meat to freeze, or you simply want to save money on groceries, one of these handy vacuum sealers will help you buy in bulk, then safely seal and store.

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