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Your Dog Could Be the Next Peanut-Butter-Painting Renoir

Three images show a paint-covered canvas, a dog licking it through a plastic bag, and the final result.

TikTok, like any online video platform, is a smorgasbord of adorable animals. The latest viral trend over there are videos of dogs painting pictures. Not only are the vids adorable, but some of the results look like … actual art!

The first thing this trend brings to mind is likely your dog and home entirely covered in paint. But the folks over on TikTok, taking a cue from a former viral sensation, have discovered a preventative secret: plastic bags and peanut butter.

To allow their pooches to explore their creative sides, dog owners just dot or squirt a few different colors of paint all over a piece of canvas. Next, they coat a plastic bag with peanut butter. Careful not to disturb the paint, they slip the canvas inside the PB-coated bag and let their pups lick it clean.

After the canvas sits for a while, they pull the tongue-created painting out of the bag and, in some cases, have something new to hang on the wall. Eat your heart out, Picasso!


a true paw-casso 👏 #dogpaintingchallenge #dogsoftiktok #puppytiktok #diy #fyp #painting

♬ Wale - Lotus Flower Bomb (feat. Miguel) - royce🌴

There’s no shortage of adorable pups unleashing their peanut-butter passion. The hashtag #dogpaintingchallenge will give you pages of scrollable canine artistes. Collectively, the videos have garnered over 14.4 million views at this writing.


She’s so proud of her painting. 🥺 #puppypainting #dogpainting #dogpaintingchallenge #corgi #dogchallenge

♬ Wale - Lotus Flower Bomb (feat. Miguel) - royce🌴

If you’re a dog mom or dad, this might be a pawesome activity for your furchild. Then, like all proud parents, you can display the fruit of his labor on your fridge.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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