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Turn Your Home Into a Green Paradise with These Products

A wood tiered plant stand, a window with hanging plants, a white succulent planter

After spending so much time indoors, it’s only natural that we want to bring a little life, quite literally, to our living spaces. Creating an indoor garden might seem like a lot of work, but there are tons of tricks and products that you can use to turn your favorite rooms into a green paradise!

Once you find the houseplants that you like best, whether they’re climbing vines, flowering plants, succulents, or something else entirely, take a look at these suggestions for creative ways to display and care for your plants, no matter what the setup of your home looks like.

From hanging planters to sturdy plant shelves, there’s a little something for everyone.

Hanging Planters

A living room window with several macrame hanging planters with plants in them

When you’re short on space but want to add some life and greenery to your home, hanging planters are one of the best options available! Because they’re designed to take up vertical space, instead of floor space, you can hang them pretty much anywhere. It’s a beautiful way to add visual interest and make the most of the space you have.

For a natural, bohemian look, try a set of Mkono Macrame Hanging Planters. The set of four hanging planters features four different designs, all slightly different sizes and varying patterns of intricately braided, 100%-cotton cords. Thanks to their flexible structure, the hangers can accomodate several different shapes and sizes of pots, and the cool braided rope gives your space a fun boho vibe.

If geometric minimalism is more your style, then the Abetree Metal Hanging Planters are your best bet. Each planter features a simple black pot and a thin iron circle all around. It’s a simple design that doesn’t take up much visual space, keeping the focus on whatever plant is featured and providing a sleek, simple look.

Abetree Metal Hanging Planters

Geometric and minimalist planters for a clean, sleek vibe.

Windowsills are a great place for plants, but if your window is already full or doesn’t have a good spot to perch pots on, the Umbra Triple Hanging Planter is a great solution! On one curtain-rod-style installation, there are three separate planters, each hanging at a different height for visual interest. It’s an easy way to get some plants in your windows or along your walls without having to hang several individual pots.

Umbra Triple Hanging Wall Planter

A three-in-one hanging planter in beautiful, simple neutrals.

Indoor Window Boxes

A long white planter with succulents sits on a white tile counter surrounded by glass jars and vases

When you think of window boxes, you probably think of planters on the outside of your house. Whether your house isn’t set up for that, or you just want to bring a similar look inside, indoor window planters are actually pretty easy to find and use!

In many cases, window planters have to fit into relatively small, narrow spaces. That’s what we like about the FLOWERPLUS ceramic succulent planter: It’s specifically designed for small, low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, that can fit in any space and add a bit of life. The ceramic planter is durable and comes with a bamboo drainage tray and a customizable sign stake.

For larger plants that require more space to grow, the T4U self-watering planters have plenty of room—with a bonus self-watering feature! With an easy-to-monitor water level window on the side of each planter, you can keep an eye on how the water is released by the double-layer pots. Each planter has a slim but deep rectangular shape, with a pop of color banded around the top.

T4U Self Watering Planter Pot

A self-watering planter to sit in any window.

Mini Herb Gardens

A mini herb garden in pots.

Grow the herbs you use in cooking right in your own kitchen! It’s surprisingly simple to grow your own herbs, so you’ll know exactly what’s going into the food you make. While some herbs grow best in an outdoor garden, you can also put together a mini garden in your kitchen or other windows, with smaller plants that produce the same flavorful herbs you love.

Get started with the Planter’s Choice 9 Herb Window Garden, a great kit for beginners to get a handle on indoor herb growing! The kit comes with everything you need to grow nine popular herbs right in your home: small pots, drainage trays, markers to identify each plant, and the seeds to grow basil, thyme, dill, oregano, cilantro, and more.

For a small organic garden in your kitchen, we love the Spade to Fork Organic Herb Garden Kit. Made by a family-run Oregon business, the kit includes planting materials and seeds for five organic All the plants are certified USDA organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and even the pots are made from sustainable materials. It’s a great choice for anyone trying to go green in every way.

Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Organic herbs and a sustainable, environmentally-friendly setup.

Indoor Sun Lamps

Three goose-neck lamps light up a variety of plants in pots

If you’ve always wanted to grow houseplants but worry about not getting enough natural light, artificial sun lamps can solve the problem easily! These lamps provide specific spectrums of light that mimic natural sunlight, allowing you to customize the “sunlight” received by all your plants and giving you the opportunity to grow plants even in the dimmer corners of your space.

While talking about sun lamps might call to mind the hulking industrial-size lamps seen in commercial grow houses, you don’t need anything quite so intense for your house plants. The  VOGEK plant grow light is designed to bring plenty of artificial sunlight to any plant in your home. With three flexible goose-neck lamps on each device, the lamp covers a wide area with LED light to help your plants stay healthy and growing. Each gooseneck can extend to over 19 inches, so even taller plants can get some extra light.

Smaller plants, like herbs or flowers, can use a little extra light, too. For smaller space, try the Grow LED indoor herb garden lamp. It’s a full mini-garden setup, complete with a white tray and an attached, adjustable lamp. Keep it on your kitchen counter for a small herb garden, or use it in your living space to keep flowering plants even in spaces where bright sunlight can’t quite reach!

GrowLED Indoor Herb Garden Lamp

An adjustable indoor garden setup with an LED lamp for plant-friendly light.

Terrariums and Plant Stands

Metal terarium filled with succulents and cactus.

When it comes to turning plants into decor, there’s nothing better than a terrarium or a plant stand! These decorative containers or stands are a beautiful way to put plants together and create a décor piece out of living things—it’s a literal indoor garden! These pieces can come in any size, from tiny tabletop items to large floor cages or stands; you can pick whatever works best for your style and your home.

You can’t go wrong with a classic terrarium like the ElegantLife Terrarium. Made from glass with wrought-iron accents, the house-shaped terrarium can sit atop a table or any piece of furniture to add some life to a room. It’s ideal for growing small, sturdy plants like cacti and succulents, although it does have a bottom that allows for water drainage for plants that require more watering.

For a more modern, minimalist look, try the Mkono Propagator Bulb Terrarium. Instead of a typical “cage” style terrarium, this unusual design is a hanging tray of five propagator glass bulbs, hanging off an iron rod on a wooden tray. The unusual style makes for a sleek and modern look, while the bulbs allow you to propagate plant cuttings or just display some beautiful flowers in mini vases. Hang it on a wall or set it on a table—it’s up to you!

Mkono Propagator Bulb Terrarium

Simple glass bulbs for a modern twist on the terrarium.

If a classic terrarium isn’t your style, or if you’re looking to fill up more floor space, try a creative plant stand instead, like this VivoSun 9 Tier Wooden Plant Stand. Staggered wood slats create a geometric “step” design with plenty of tiers and nooks to tuck plants and other items. It’s the perfect piece if you’re looking to combine plants and other decor pieces or knicknacks to design a statement piece that reflects all the things you love.

VIVO 9 Tier Wooden Plant Stand

Create an entire standing garden with one staggered plant stand.

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