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The Best Flipping Grilled Cheese Hack We’ve Ever Seen

A man shows a hack for flipping grilled cheese where he places a hot skillet on the top.

Grilled cheese might be one of the simplest things to make as far as ingredients go. But when it comes to technique, achieving the perfect flip is a little tricky. You’ll be glad to learn there’s a hack for that!

TikTok content creator, @donnabonana, showcased her husband’s grilled cheese flipping technique and it’s genius!

Instead of just hoping that cheese between the two slices of bread has melted enough, he slides the sandwich onto a spatula, then lifts and places the skillet on top of the bread. He then flips the skillet upright and places it back on the burner. This way, the previously exposed side of the grilled cheese is now grilling in the pan.


Grilled cheese tip from my hubby Patrick. #over40 #husbandcooking #grilledcheese #ThisorThatSBLV

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The video has garnered over 400,000 likes and over 41,000 shares. This hack will only work if you’re making one sandwich at a time, but it’s a brilliant way to keep the cheese intact and prevent the bread from sliding.

So, grab a pan, a spatula, and a fancy grilled cheese recipe, and flip out!

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