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Thrift Some Threads at These Awesome Virtual Resale Shops

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The local thrift store isn’t the only place you can score cool used threads. There are some awesome virtual resale shops worth throwing your money at, too. From vintage to modern, these sites have it all.

Whether you’re shopping for new or used stuff, buying clothes online poses some challenges. You can’t try anything on or get a closer look to check for stains or holes. Fortunately, many online resale shops have return policies that make it easy to get your money back for anything that doesn’t work for you.

Always be sure to check a store’s return policy before you buy anything, and you’ll avoid any surprises.

The Best Places to Buy Vintage Clothing Online

The ShopBadMoon vintage clothing shop on Etsy.

If vintage attire is your desire, there are several wonderful websites you can peruse. Most of them carry more than vintage fashion, and of course, prices vary from shop to shop.


There are vintage shops galore on Etsy. While much of the site focuses on handcrafted items, there’s an entire world of vintage clothing dealers on there, as well. You can find vintage accessories and shoes to go with your outfits, too.

Etsy is a place where shops come and go, so picking a good seller is all about looking at star ratings rather than the total number of views. For example, VintageMarmalade has nearly 3,000 sales, and the shop is full of vintage goodness, including tees, jeans, and dresses. StrangeWaysVintage doesn’t have even a quarter of that amount, but it has a gorgeous collection of clothing.

ShopBadMoon also has tons of adorable and fun plus size vintage items, some of which have been reworked. GrandeTaille is another wonderful place to get plus size vintage clothing. It has both casual and dressier items.


DePop carries a little bit of everything because anyone can hop on the app and sell their stuff or buy from others. Because of this, prices can vary extensively, so you might want to do a little research on other sites to check pricing on certain items.

You can find bargains, though, if you’re willing to scour the app. Be sure to use the filtering options in the search engine to make things easier.


If you want amazing quality vintage fashion, Refashioner is the place to go. It’s a bit pricier than the other sites we’ve included.

However, if you’re just looking to score gorgeous pieces and aren’t worried about the price tags, this site is for you. Refashioner specializes in designer clothing, so it’s like having your own personal shopper for vintage items.

Where to Buy Used Designer Clothing Online

Designer tops and shoes on ThredUp.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in used clothing at prices that beat the rack, these are the shops you should check out. You’ll find quality, high-end, designer threads on the following sites:

  • Tradesy: Everything on this site is vetted for authenticity, so you’re guaranteed not to get any fakes. The prices are higher because you’re shopping for authentic designer brands, so this site isn’t for anyone looking for $5 items.
  • ThredUp: This online thrift shop carries only high-quality secondhand clothing. The company promotes its zero-waste mentality by helping people find new homes for their unwanted clothing. It’s also easy to search for whatever you want, and you can also shop by brand.

Where to Get the Best Secondhand Bargains

Ladies clothing and accessories for sale on Poshmark.

If you’re looking for low prices like those you’d find at your local thrift store, there are some sites and apps that cater to that, as well. You might even stumble upon some super-low deals on designer pieces if you dig deep enough in those search results.

These are our fave places to find used clothing bargains online:

  • Swap.com: This online shop carries quality clothing and has an interesting way selling. People who want to get rid of clothing just send everything to Swap. The company then goes through everything and checks it for quality, takes all the pictures, and creates the listings. Then, you get to shop! Everything is sent from one address, and you have 30 days to send back anything you don’t want.
  • Mercari: This site is the most similar to hitting your local thrift store. You can buy almost anything from people who are selling stuff they don’t need anymore. You can shop on the web or download the app to your phone to shop on the go. Sellers often offer discounts on the already low prices, too.
  • Poshmark: Like Mercari, anyone can post and sell their stuff on this site. You can get almost anything you’d find at a thrift store, but prices vary by seller. This is another you can shop from in a browser or on your phone or tablet via the app.

Finally, There’s Always eBay

The fashion section on eBay.

You can find pretty much anything on eBay, including clothing. You can often get some fantastic prices on clothing items, too. Of course, new listings are being added all the time, so search your favorite brands occasionally to see what’s out there.

Some sellers even offer more than one piece at discounted prices, or, if you purchase more than one item from them, you might get a discounted shipping rate. Sometimes, there are even wholesale lots available for dirt cheap.

Do pay attention to the sizes, though. Other countries size clothing differently than the U.S., so using your measurements is the best way to go.

Thrift shopping online is a virtual wonderland of fashionable used clothing at good prices if you know where to look. Not only will you expand your wardrobe, but you won’t even have to leave the house to do it!

You always want to get the most for your money when thrift shopping, so be sure to check out these tips next.

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