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Snazzy Wine Accessories All Vino Lovers Should Have

Vinglace/Royal Lion/Ullo

Whether you’re a wine novice or you’ve been enjoying a glass with dinner for years, you likely have some cheap wine supplies taking up space in your kitchen. Why not treat yourself to some upgrades this year?

If you take your wine drinking seriously, the products below are all worthwhile investments. They’ll last much longer than that dollar store wine opener or that $20 set of glasses.

A Cork Puller

A black cork puller sitting on a table with a cork.

Pullers prevent you from ending up with chunks of cork in your wine, which sometimes happens with corkscrews. It’s especially a must for older wines with more fragile corks. These don’t puncture the cork, so they’re also fantastic for crafters who save and use corks for other purposes.

This one by L’Atelier du Vin has a twin blade to easily remove even the oldest of corks. You can also use it to recork an opened bottle.

Three-in-One Wine Key

Wine key and corkscrews.
Royal Lion

The three-in-one wine key from Royal Lion may be the last corkscrew wine opener you ever have to invest in. Its design was inspired by the sommelier’s professional openers. The key functions as a corkscrew, foil cutter, and bottle opener. Made of stainless steel, it’s sturdy and durable.

It’s also dishwasher safe and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Wine Purifier and Decanter

A wine decanter and wine being poured into the purifier.

This decanter by Ullo might seem like an extravagant purchase, but you’ll find it’s well worth the investment. Even if you don’t want to serve your wine from it, the purifier will remove sulfites, which some people have issues with. It also retains the all-important aromas and flavors of your wine.

The carafe is made from handblown lead-free crystal. It’s also easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe.

Austrian Crystal Wine Glasses

Two women holding Gabriel-Glas crystal wine glasses.

This beautiful set of Austrian crystal wine glasses by Gabriel-Glas will be the talk of all your dinner parties. If you don’t need six, they also come in a set of two. They’re also designed to take up less shelf space than a common wine glass.

Durable, yet elegant, each glass holds up to eight ounces of your favorite vintage.

A Wine Bottle Insulator

A wine bottle insulator on a table with two glasses of wine, cheese, and fruit.

Instead of a bucket of ice, or having to run back and forth to the fridge, you can keep your bottle of wine chilled for hours with a bottle insulator. It’s a terrific investment because it’s so convenient.

It’s also excellent for those times you have to take a bottle with you to enjoy on a picnic or at an outdoor event. This one from Vinglacé is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors. It’s stainless steel and double-walled to keep your vino or champagne chilled until you get the chance to drink it all.

Vacuum Pump and Wine Stoppers Set

Wine vacuum sealer and stopper, and a bottle and glass of red wine.

Rather than just stuffing a cheap wine stopper in your partially drunk bottle of wine, why not spend a bit more on a vacuum-sealing kind? The EZBasics wine stopper will keep your wine fresher for longer (up to a week).

The vacuum pump is easy to operate and it comes with four stoppers. You can also mark the day of the month you put the stopper in, so you’ll know how long you have to finish the bottle.

Track Your Tastings in a Wine Journal

It’s easy to forget which wineries you’ve visited—especially if you’ve sampled a lot of the product in one day. This is why every wine connoisseur needs a wine journal to keep track of all their tastings.

You can record which wines you loved, which you weren’t a fan of, how they tasted, and even where you enjoyed them. This journal even includes specific prompts for each wine, so you can rate its Balance, Body, and Finish.

The durable cover includes an elastic band closure to protect your wine journey from spills. There’s also pocket in the back for storing notes or business cards.

If wine is a serious hobby for you, it’s important that you have the right (and best) supplies to enjoy it properly. From sipping your favorite vino from a gorgeous crystal glass to tracking all the wineries you’ve visited, these products will elevate you from beginner to sommelier.

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