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Upgrade Your Next Game Night with These Stunning Playing Cards

Beautiful luxury playing cards.
Bicycle/Elephant Playing Cards/Theory11

When was the last time you upgraded your card deck? Instead of using that old boring and worn-out set, grab one of these beautiful decks for your next game night.

Anytime is a great time to replace a dinged-up old deck of cards with a fresh one, but if you have a soft spot for quirky holidays and taking advantage of them, February 22 is “Play More Cards Day.”

There are some beautiful playing card decks on the market. Sure, you can play card games with any old deck and a plain red-back Bicycle deck will get the job done—but stunning artwork on your cards makes playing even more fun. Consider grabbing one of these artistic creations.

Fun and Retro Decks from Bicycle

There’s a good chance you’ve played a few games of cards on a Bicycle set of cards. Introduced by the United States Printing Company way back in 1885, the brand is ubiquitous in America and you’ll find their basic blue and red decks in millions of homes. Although best known for their classic and simple lineups, below you’ll find some of their much flashier offerings.

Out-of-this-World Stargazer Nebula Playing cards

The Stargazer Nebula playing card deck from Bicycle.

Bicycle takes you on a trip into the cosmos with this gorgeous deck of spacey cards, the Stargazer Nebula. The colorful swirls and starry scenes are artwork in and of themselves, displayed on a “classic air-cushioned” card made for easy playability.

The Red Hot Fire Deck

The Fire playing card deck from Bicycle.

This beautifully colored deck from Bicycle is on fire. The Fire playing card deck has rich combinations of red, orange, and yellow to make a stunning playing deck. Not only do you get to enjoy the warm colors on the backs of the cards, but the fiery design is also on the faces of the cards.

The Watery Sea King Deck

The Sea King deck of playing cards from Bicycle.

If you’re looking for a color that really pops, the watery blue on the Sea King deck is striking. Slightly whimsical but very sea-worthy, this deck of cards will inspire you to play for a pirate’s booty when you’re enjoying a round of poker with friends and family.

Fantastic Decks from Elephant Playing Cards

Unlike Bicycle, Elephant Trading Cards has only been around since 2015. However, in that time, they have brought out some truly stunning designs.

They even have a fun quiz on their website to help you find the right deck for you from their collection if you’re having trouble picking one out yourself.

Beautifully Embossed Mosaic Card Deck

Images of the Mosaic card deck from Elephant Playing Cards.
Elephant Playing Cards

The elegant and almost simple beauty of the Mosaic deck from Elephant Playing cards is stunning, with eye-catching colors and geometric design. The court card designs were hand-illustrated, making this deck a true work of art.

Step Into The Starry Night

Starry Night playing cards box and King of Spades.
Elephant Playing Cards

For fans of classic artwork, the Starry Night deck from Elephant Playing Cards is an excellent choice. The stunning blue coloring and the beautiful gold details make this deck something special to look at.

Invest in a Glorious Set of Gold Embossed Cards

The Medieval Royal playing cards deck.
Elephant Playing Cards

If you’re ready to invest a little more in a truly collectible and stunning deck of cards, the Medieval Royal deck is embossed in gold and covered in gorgeous art. You’ll be transported back in time with noble knights and fearsome creatures, inspired by artist Diego Velasquez. This isn’t a cheap deck, and you may be picky about who you play cards with, but it’s unique and sure to be the talk of your gaming group.

Extravagant Decks from Theory11

Theory11 is a magical card company with over 1000 artists working with them. They are inspired to make unique decks unlike what you’ll find from everyone else. They even have gorgeous decks inspired by movie and TV favorites, like Star Wars and James Bond.

The Mysterious Contraband Deck

Theory11's Contraband playing cards box and cards.

The Contraband Playing Cards feature a stunning design inspired by secret societies, the occult, and other things unknown. It’s also listed as one of their most intricate decks. While the cards’ faces are what you typically see, it’s the gorgeous design on the back that will intrigue you.

Find Style and Elegance

Neil Patrick Harris playing card box and card example.

In collaboration with actor Neil Patrick Harris, Theory11 released this exquisite and stylish deck of cards. On an intro card, Harris urges players to look closely at the cards, for there are secret symbols hidden within.

“The Name’s Bond, James Bond”

James Bond playing cards box and card example.

With so many decks based on movies and TV shows, it’s definitely important to over at least one of the stunning entertainment pop culture-inspired decks from Theory11, and the James Bond playing cards are beautiful. With gold foil, fancy embossing, and a design that can’t be beaten, this deck of cards is Bond-worthy.

Game nights will be far more inspired with a stunning deck of cards. Revel in the beautiful artwork while winning or losing—either way, you’ll enjoy the art.

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