Why Working in Bed Might Not Be a Bad Idea

A woman typing on her laptop in bed.

Sometimes, you just want to feel as cozy as possible, and what’s cozier than staying snuggled in bed? You’ve likely heard that working in bed is the world’s worst idea. Turns out, though, that might not be true.

When it comes to working from bed, there appears to be a trick, at least, according to experts. Jasmine Marcus, a New York physical therapist, told Real Simple that she recommends clients who have backaches work from bed every so often.

“One of the best ways to avoid back injuries is to vary your position frequently,” Marcus said. “And a great way to do that is by mixing in supine positions, in addition to standing and sitting positions. Working in bed can help you achieve this variety.”

But it’s not just your physical health and position that could benefit from the practice. Real Simple also spoke with Dr. Brian Wind, clinical psychologist and former co-chair of the American Psychological Association’s Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance, who said working from bed could help relieve anxiety for some people.

“If work has you feeling anxious, working from your bed can ease your mind, hence triggering creativity,” Wind said. “It’s a great place to work on projects that feel daunting since you already associate it with relaxation.”

While all of this sounds good on the surface, there are some key rules. You shouldn’t work from bed every day. You’ll also want to make your bed as ergonomic as possible by using a bed desk as well as maintaining a good work-life balance.

Want more tips on how to effectively work from bed? You can check out all the experts’ advice on Real Simple.

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