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Teach Your Toddler to Eat Solids with These Adorable Dishes

The Bella Tunno Say Mac and Cheese bowl, the Avanchy Bamboo Bowl and Spoon Set, and the Scandibørn Sebra Set.
Bella Tunno/Avanchy/Scandibørn

Getting ready to feed your little one solid foods? To get started, you’ll need a collection of durable, functional toddler dishes. And it doesn’t hurt if they’re adorable, too!

Transitioning your child from an all-liquid diet to purées and solids can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. Of course, you want everything to be as safe as possible. That means you don’t want to serve their food in dishes they can easily break. (Toddlers are notorious for throwing things.)

You also want them to have the right utensils, so they can learn to use them. Ideally, they need something soft that won’t hurt their gums, which is also small enough for tiny hands. Silicone dishes are ideal, as they’re easy to clean, durable, and inexpensive.

There are lots of choices out there, but below are our favorite dish sets for toddlers of all ages.

Best Overall: BEABA 4-Piece Meal Set

The BEABA Silicone Meal Set in Peacock (green and blue).

Made of platinum-grade silicone, the BEABA Four-Piece Meal Set comes with everything you need for feeding. They’re safe for both babies who are just starting to eat solids and toddlers who’ve been on solids for a while.

The set includes a bowl, plate, cup, and spoon, and they’re all super versatile. The spoon is easy to grip and small enough for your little one to hold. The cup might be more suitable for a toddler, especially if your child hasn’t started using sippy cups yet.

I bought this set for my 20-month-old and absolutely love it. The suction-cup grip at the bottom is incredibly strong—once this thing is stuck to a table, it’s not budging, even when your kid tries to throw it. The bowl is wide enough to safely hold soup or oatmeal. The whole set is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Best for Older Toddlers: Scandibørn Sebra 5-Piece Set

The bowl (featuring a rabbit) and the plate (featuring a squirrel) from the Scandibørn Sebra Tableware Set.

For babies who are just learning to eat, we recommend sticking with silicone. For more experienced toddlers, though, you can step things up to something a bit “fancier.” This Sebra 5-Piece Set is a great option.

Made of 100% melamine, this set is super lightweight and shatter-proof. It’s also extremely adorable thanks to the Danish-designed wildlife details etched on each piece.

The set includes a plate, bowl, small cup, and a tiny fork and spoon. The sizes are perfect for toddlers who are ready for more “adult” items. The fork and spoon were sometimes easier for my (almost) 2-year-old to use than the silicone sets. They’re also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. However, these aren’t safe for use in the microwave, so that’s definitely something to consider.

Best Bowl for Beginners: Bella Tunno Say Cheese

The Mac & Say Cheese bowl and a toddler looking inside it.
Bella Tunno

Plates are great for older babies and toddlers, but if you’re just starting out with purées, you need some good bowls, like the Bella Tunno Say Cheese Wonder Bowl.

Made of safe, 100% food-grade silicone, this bowl is deep and wide enough for both solids and soups, but also works for snacks. It’s dishwasher safe, super easy to clean, and can be popped in the microwave. The suction on the bottom is also incredible—even my very strong toddler couldn’t manage to pull it off the table.

Also, for every product sold, Bella Tunno gives one meal (and sometimes more) to a child through their partnership with Feeding America (United States) and The Global FoodBanking Network (international).

Best Plate: Ezpz Mini Mat and Plate Combo

A toddler eating fruit and veggies from the blue ezpz Mini Mat.

You’ll quickly learn that it’s always a good idea to put a placemat under your child’s dish. The great thing about the Ezpz Mini Happy Mat is it’s a plate and a placemat. That’s one less thing you have to find room for in your kitchen. It also makes mess-free eating so much easier.

The plate portion is divided into sections, making it easier to sort your little one’s food. There’s a suction bottom, as well, so it can’t be moved around. Even if they do spill anything, it’ll most likely end up on the mat, which is made to have a universal fit with high chairs. It’s super easy to clean (it’s dishwasher safe), and you can also zap it in the microwave.

The mat also comes in a little bag, which you should save. It’s perfect for when you’re traveling or have to take the plate along somewhere because you can stick it in there to keep it clean.

Best Bowl for Older Toddlers: OXO Tot Stick and Stay

The OXO Tot Stick and Stay bowl filled with yogurt and berries.

The OXO Tot Stick and Stay Bowl is perfect for older toddlers. It has a nice base that makes it stick easily to any surface, which is why it’s known as “tantrum-proof.” The silicone pad also catches any food that drops out of it for less mess.

The wide mouth and tall sidewalls make it ideal for pretty much anything, including soup, purées, or snacks. It’s also easy for your child to scoop things out of when he’s learning how to use utensils. It’s easy to clean (the silicone base comes off) and dishwasher safe.

Best Bowl for Older Toddlers

Best Plate & Spoon Set: Avanchy Bamboo with Silicone Suction

A toddler sitting at a table in front of the Avanchy wooden plate with eggs, orange slices, and graham crackers in each section.

This Avanchy Bamboo and Silicone Plate and Spoon set is both toddler-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing—a combination that can be hard to come by. The plate is made of durable, smooth bamboo. It looks nice and makes a great feeding surface.

The plate sits on top of a silicone base with a suction bottom, so it can’t be moved. It also lifts the plate a bit higher, which is nice for little ones. The divided sections make it easy to give them several different foods in perfect portions. The largest section is perfect for veggies, the middle for proteins, and the smallest for healthy carbs.

The bamboo and silicone spoon worked best for me when my daughter was learning how to use a spoon. Because this is for babies, the plate is fairly small, but Avanchy also has a similar one for toddlers who are eating more.

Best for Learning: green sprouts Learning Bowl

A toddler looking down at the fruits and cheeses in the different sections of the green sprouts Learning Bowl.
green sprouts

Unlike most bowls, the green sprouts Silicone option is divided for perfect portions and easy eating. The walls keep the food in place and make it a little more baby-friendly. The suction-cup bottom also keeps it stuck to whatever surface you put it on.

Made of durable heat-resistant silicone, this bowl is also dishwasher safe. The sections really help baby learn how to eat and gives them options, making it great for snacking, as well.

Best for Steaming: Olababy Set

The Olababy Steaming Bowl and Spoon Set in green.

When my daughter was just starting to eat solids and purées, the Olababy Steam Bowl set was our absolute favorite. We used it constantly and still do for soups or snacks. It’s so easy to clean, and its size also makes it incredibly versatile.

What really sets this one apart is you can steam food while it’s in the dish. After you pull the bottom down, you just set the bowl of food in a pot of boiling water, and let it steam the food for you. It’s so easy and convenient!

The tilted mouth also makes it really easy for babies who are just learning. The training spoon is also made of silicone and small enough for tiny hands to grip easily. It also feels nice on their gums.

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