This Viral TikTok Hack Is the Easiest Way to Store Cheese

A woman converting cheese packaging into a container.

If you prefer freshly grated cheese or love creating cheese boards, you might have blocks of the stuff stored in all sorts of ways in your fridge. From Ziploc bags to Tupperware, there are many ways to store cheese. But, as this life hack on TikTok demonstrates, you can just use the package the cheese came in.

TikTok content creator, @thismomislit, showcased how to create a container using the packaging a block of cheese comes in. While you might think this would require some fancy folding you just don’t have for, that’s not the case.

In the video below, she slices straight through the amount she wants of the unopened brick of cheese, then just slides it out of the packaging. Because the cheese was unopened, she then takes the perfectly intact top part of the brick’s plastic, slips it back over the top part of the cheese, and boom—instant container.


Once I learned this I never went back 🧀 #cheesehacks #lifehack #lifehacks #cheese

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As of this writing, this trick has truly taken off. The short video has over 435,000 likes, but it’s also part of a bigger trend on TikTok. People are sharing the lifehacks that they’d never give up, and it makes sense that the viral moment would take off on the platform given its existing plethora of cooking and cleaning DIYs. From tips on how to prevent avocados from going brown to how to put a trash bag in a can the proper (and less noisy way), it’s basically a treasure trove of finds.

But if you’d rather reserve your Tupperware for leftovers and you’re tired of using plastic bags as storage, this is the latest hack for you.

[Via Yahoo Lifestyle]

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