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Warm Up a Chilly Room in Style with These Electric Space Heaters

Three stylish space heaters.
Nordic Hygge/Vornado/NewAir

There’s always that one room in your house that never seems to get warm enough on cold days, and it’s no fun when that’s the room where you spend most of your time. Here’s how to heat the space in style.

Space heat designs tend to be, well, a bit bland. If you’re looking to avoid plopping a functional but ugly heater right where you’ll be looking at it the most, we’re here to help. There are some pretty classy-looking small room space heaters on the market that are sure to jazz up your home office, game room, or whichever space needs a little more heat.

Go Retro with This Cadillac-Looking Heater

Vornado space heater in a room.

A first glance at this classy little gadget is sure to make you think of an early automobile blended together with a fan—and with that paint job and chrome, how could it not? The metal heater is actually inspired by the 1945 Vornado fan—a vintage-era metal fan much like the plastic round-head oscillating ones we use today, but way cooler looking.

The Vornado is small but mighty with its two heating options—750w and 1500w—and it’s just what you need to heat your cozy home office or your kitsch craft room. And while it might look super retro, it sports the modern safety features you’d want from a space heater like tip-over protection and auto shut-off.

Go Modern with This iPod-Looking Heater

A stylish space heater with a minimal white design.

This little box-style heater from NewAir might not have the retro or classic styling most of our picks have, but it has a clean modern look, not unlike the minimalist designs that inspired the iPod. And hey, it’s not just cool looking! It literally has a cool-touch design, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your fingers on the metal grill. It also has a remote control, you can pick your preferred temperature—it kicks out 1500w of heat on the highest setting—and it has a timer.

Embrace Toasty Mid-Century Modern

Neat space heater.

With a two-level 500/1000w heating range, this gorgeous retro-style space heater is powerful enough to heat one room. It’ll look great in any room, but especially at home if you’re a fan of retro decor. When you do not require heat, this ceramic heater also has a cooling fan mode.

Compact as it is, this heater will still quickly heat up a small room. And if you’re worried about those mid-century modern legs, don’t be. Despite the elevated Sputnik vibe, it still includes auto-shutoff tip-over protection even though it doesn’t sit flush with the ground like clunkier-looking space heaters.

This Vintage Radio Style Is Plenty Warm

Cute green space heater.

The adorableness of this handy little heater is undeniable. It resembles a vintage radio, but instead of warming your ears with tunes, it warms your room with heat with a 600/900w heating element. As small as it may appear, it will warm up your bedroom, bathroom, or home office with ease. If the olive-green color scheme isn’t your jam, it comes in black and white, too.

Urgod’s nifty little heater won’t overheat, and it’ll shut off if it tips over. When heat isn’t needed, the little cutie doubles as a fan.

This Vintage Bubble Style Channels the 1960s

Cute space heater with a handy carry strap.

With a handle making it easy to move room-from-room or take with you on-the-go, this vintage-style mini heater will ensure your warmth wherever you are. It won’t overheat, and if it tips over, it’ll shut off. It even powers off on its own after eight hours of steady running, so it won’t cause issues if you happen to fall asleep with it on. It comes in the gray seen here, as well as a bubble gum pink.

The high heat mode on this one only goes to 800w, but it’ll still keep your room warm, especially if you keep the door closed to hold the heat in. It’ll add style along with function and doubles as a fan when needed.

And This Fancy One Even Has a Hand Warmer

Classy space heater on the table in a living room.
Nordic Hygge

This little heater from Nordic Hygge is the epitome of classic style. It heats up quickly and is perfect to throw a little extra heat on you in smaller spaces or when sitting near it on account of the 400w heating element. It automatically shuts off in four hours, and it has the tip-over protection you wanter from a space heater.

The thing that really makes this heater stand out from the rest is the removable hand warmer. You can pluck it right off the front of the heater and hold it safely in your hands whenever your fingers are too chilly. Once it cools, just pop it back in place and let it warm up for the next round.

Don’t settle for a chilly room. For a small investment, you can get big warmth with a stylish heater for your favorite room.

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